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20 month old decided she dislikes grandma!!!

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flippinheck Sun 14-Aug-11 15:11:24

My 20 month old goes to grandma's (my mums) one day a week and has been since the age of 1, up till now all has been well but now she cries when left, won't look or talk to grandma, always wants to go to other people but grandma and its becoming very upsetting for me, and grandma. I know my mum treats her the same as I would, doesn't spoil her and does say no when needed (I know like any 20 month she hates being told no) Has anyone else experienced this and how can we get through what I hope is just a phase??

treesinthebreeze Sun 14-Aug-11 18:41:26

Definitely just a phase! My dd did this with her Daddy for a while sad and it was horrible at the time but it soon passed. Try not to make too much out of it or try to make your dd give hugs/kisses if they're being stubborn - she will soon catch on!!!

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