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Expressing right away??

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squidgeygibson Sat 13-Aug-11 16:49:54

hello again!!

So many questions already! Does anyone know if I should be expressing Right from the first week if I want to ensure I can keep it up later on??

On day 4&5 I was able to express loads with little bother both by hand and a manual pump.on day four my breasts were huge and hard and I wanted to do it for's the first day my breasts feel a lot less full and while I could express this morning I have been able to get nothing this afternoon...not as easy as my first days made it seem!!

And if I do express after or between my baby feeding will that leave enough for her next feed???

Thank you!!

cocoachannel Sat 13-Aug-11 16:55:55

Hi there.

My supply was a bit like this for the first weeks of bfing until things settled down.

Do you need to express an extra feed for freezing? If is, I think you need to just be consistent with the extra session. Don't worry about milk running out- it doesn't. Be wary of storage issues though- try for great info.

For much more informed advice try posting in brest & bottle feeding.

Good luck!

squidgeygibson Sat 13-Aug-11 17:01:23

Thanks..I don't need it for any specific reason but just want to be able to do it eventually so I can maybe have a bottle feed at night or just get away if I need to..

When you say an extra session do you mean a time in between feeds?? Baby is feeding every 3-4 hours so anytime in between then and does it need to be the breast the baby didn't feed from last feed?

Feeling totally clueless and some books say I should be doin it already!!

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