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Possible speech problems and upper lip tie at 2.7

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SurelyNotMe Sat 13-Aug-11 16:32:22

Just discovered that DD has an upper lip tie (or should I say 'had', she fell over and split it yesterday, but not all the way up). She has a large vocabulary and speaks in full sentences, but her pronounciation is not great.

'r' pronounced as 'w' ('woad' for 'road'; 'cweam' for 'cream')
'th' pronounced as 't' or 'b' ('tank you' for 'thank you'; 'obber' for 'other')
'v' pronounced as 'b' ('olib' for 'olive')

She also has a lisp.

I thought this was a normal part of language development but now think the tie might be causing it?

hopskipandjump Sun 14-Aug-11 21:08:47

I would talk to your GP about it - it may be that a referral to a speech therapist and a surgeon who can divide the tie is appropriate?

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