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How to get my DS eating again?

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CheeseAndBunion Sat 13-Aug-11 09:04:18

I have an 18 month son who is just recovering from a recent hospital stay. He had a really horrid bacterial infection (his last of many) which knocked him sideways and, as a result, has almost given up on swallowing food. He will put things in his mouth, chew and then spit everything out. He has lost a great deal of weight (6 months worth) and I think his appetite has severely shrunk. Sadly that means we've slipped into a slightly downward spiral where he can't build his strength up enough between bouts of illness to fight off the next common bug going, which in turn causes him to lose his appetite and lose weight etc, etc.

Can anyone help ms with tips on how to get him eating again? Or advice on good tonics to help replenish all the vitamins etc he loses during these lengthy bouts of illness? I'm at my wits end and it makes me want to weep when I see him shrinking before my eyes. Have spoken to hospital and Health Visitors who have not been able to help much bar suggesting I add double cream to mashed potato and feed him lots of cheese (which he doesn't like). I try and stay calm at mealtimes and encourage him as much as I can but I just don't know what to do to make the situation better and help him. Please help...

Notinmykitchen Sat 13-Aug-11 09:35:44

Will he eat smooth things like yoghurt and drink milk? I would be tempted to almost go back to the beginning and treat him as if you are just weaning him. You could then build him up gradually to normal food. I believe you can get vitamin drops which may help in the meantime until he is eating properly again.

Good luck, I know how incredibly frustrated you must be right now but you will get there one way or another!

CheeseAndBunion Tue 16-Aug-11 23:09:04

Sorry its taken a few days to say thanks for the reply. We've gone back to less lumpy or textured food and he has been eating better, partly because we can try and feed him as he's losing interest very quickly at the moment in feeding himself. His nappies are returning to normal as well which I hope is a sign that his tummy is calming and might also mean there will be a positive change in his appetite. I just hope he can stay well for long enough to regain some strength and get his eating habits back to normal.

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