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1yo behaviour changed..

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louloupoo Thu 11-Aug-11 21:39:09

It was my ds's first birthday yesterday (Happy birthday baby boy!!) and up until recently he was a great sleeper going down perfectly at 7 and sleeping through til 6:30 (smug), his naps were spot on and he was generally a happy baby.

But for the last week or 2 he has been more difficult to go down, often letting out little screams in his sleep and has become very clingy, crying just when dp takes him from me or when I put him down on the floor. He generally seems not his usual bubbly little self. He doesn't have a temp so I don't think he's coming down with anything. He has cut 2 upper back teeth in the last couple of months so I wondered if maybe the bottom ones are starting to push through, or is this just a phase he's going through?

Anybody got any thoughts or gone through with something similar with their lo?

realslimshady Thu 11-Aug-11 21:41:57

At 1 they suddenly become more aware of everybody around them and in turn can become much more clingy. I have been reassured that this is just a phase, and truth be told, DD is seeming less anxious about me leaving the room or passing her to people.

To be honest I quite like it because I'm getting lots of lovely cuddles.

Desiderata Thu 11-Aug-11 21:44:00

Bless you, but I don't quite understand your OP.

He's a child, and he will continue changing until he expires, hopefully, at the age of 110.

I don't mean to sound dismissive, but of course he will change in behaviour.

AngelDog Thu 11-Aug-11 23:07:37

He'll be working on the 55 week developmental spurt.

Researchers describe babies as 'clingy, cranky & crying' in the run up to developmental leaps. Those are also when the sleep regressions hit. It should improve on its own. You can read about it in The Wonder Weeks.


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