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Help/Advice with Naps & Feeding times?

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DribblersMum Thu 11-Aug-11 13:45:47


i have a DS who is 6m, 1 week old. I started giving him solids when he was just over 5m as he was having a cleft lip op and I wanted him to get used to the spoon beforehand. I'm BF, and he's a bit funny with taking expressed milk from bottle. I should probably persevere a bit more, but I'm always here with him, so I've kind of got a bit lazy on that front...

Currently - this is my schedule... I want to start trying to give him solids for lunch, and try and get him to have 2 longer naps during the day....

6.45am - Wake & then play
7.30am - Baby rice for breakfast
8-9am - Nap (me too!)
9am-10am Play
10am - Milk
10-11am - Nap
11-1pm - Play
1pm - Milk
1-2pm Nap
2-3.30 - Play
3.30 - Solids for Tea
4pm - Milk
4-5pm Nap
5-6.45pm - Play, Bath
6.45pm - Milk then bed

(he usually wakes once in night at about 4am)

I was thinking - if i cut out the nap at 8-9am that might help? and maybe cut out milk at 4pm - and make tea 4pm instead....

Any advice would be great- because I feel like he spends his whole life eating and napping!!! smile

Bearcrumble Thu 11-Aug-11 18:45:10

You could cut down to 3 naps - I'd drop the last one rather than the first.

Bearcrumble Thu 11-Aug-11 18:46:15

You are very lucky btw to have a 6-m-o who only wakes once a night!

headfairy Thu 11-Aug-11 18:50:08

what bearcrumble says. I was thinking that last nap was probably one too many.

Also, when you start weaning, for a while it really does feel like all you're ever doing is feeding your dc. If it's not solids it's milk... don't worry, soon he'll start dropping milk feeds as his solids intake increases. It'll take a couple of months, but eventually the feedathon will ease!

DribblersMum Sat 13-Aug-11 20:36:25

Thank you.... I think I'll give the last one a try and drop it....

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