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Eating habits of an 11 month old!

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helso2 Thu 11-Aug-11 10:49:39

Hi everyone,

I am new to posting and have quietly sat in the background until now so i hope you can help :0) My DS is nearly 11 months and has always been a very good eater, not fussy and so i know i am lucky. However the problem is that he doesn't have an off button and keep eating if i let him. He gets quite aggressive in between mouthfuls if i am spoon feeding and when it is finished he screams the place down until distracted. its quite embarrassing when we are out. When he has finger foods i used to hand the pieces to him one by one but have now started just putting all the pieces down at once so that he can gauge how much is left. the problem is he just shovels it in and you can see from his face he isn't enjoying it as he is trying to eat to quickly. Am i doing the right thing?

Is anyone else's child is like this and if anyone has any tips on how to make meal times less of a battle?

Flisspaps Thu 11-Aug-11 11:16:21

If he's cramming it all in at once, then go back to putting down less. We still have to do this sometimes and DD is nearly 18mo.

I think the screaming/being noisy unless distracted is perfectly normal - sitting at a table with nothing to do once you've eaten is very dull for a small child, so having something to hand to entertain him is a good idea - or share a little of your food with him if he's already had something from a spoon.

Little children are generally very good at regulating their appetites, so if he's still wanting more, it may be that he's not full. They can put away a surprising amount of food sometimes!

helso2 Sat 13-Aug-11 07:51:38

thanks for the advice, i did think i should start putting down less. I'll give him a few months and try again x

sedgiebaby Sat 13-Aug-11 11:23:02

Hi, I have dealt with exactly this behaviour too. When do you give snacks and in what quantity? What is he having re milk feeds? When do you present finger foods?

I'm bf right now and typing one hand but will come back later smile

sedgiebaby Sat 13-Aug-11 11:29:10

e.g. finger foods before or after a spoon fed meal?

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