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Biting, scratching, pinching and roaring 24 month old.

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lecce Wed 10-Aug-11 21:00:09

DS2 is doing all of the above A LOT over the last few weeks and, especially as ds1 never really did any of it, I'm feeling a little lost and ineffective.

The scratching and pinching are directed at faces - both ds1 and I have battle scars - and are really painful. I usually say something like, "No scratching'pinching, that hurts people," in a voice that varies from firm to bloody angry as he has really hurt me! I put him down and tell him I can't play while he is doing that or somethin along those lines. He tends to laugh manically - the more angry I have been, the louder he laughs. I have also tried talking to him about being gentle and stroking his face.

The roaring is just unbearably loud - it's happy, not crying, but when he gets into it it goes on and on and makes conversation impossible. He speaks in sentences but when he does this it's just noise - very, very loud noise. If he happens to do it in a cafe or somewhere, we have to go out. We have tried calmly talking to him very quietly, getting him to whisper as quietly as he can, ignoring - none of it works.

He's great really, pretty happy, independent as long as well-rested and has very good language skills. I suppose it is just a phase but would love any tips on how to handle it or just reassurance that he will stop it at some point smile

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