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Help! with Sleeping arrnagements for 5yr old and baby

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Boogiemumma Tue 09-Aug-11 23:11:23

I have a 5 yr old and a baby who need to share a room. The room is quites small and I'm stresing over how to work out sleeping arrangements. There is not enough room for the bed and cot and a chest of drawers plus toy box to have separate floor space - 2 full beds will not be an option as one wall is too short for this.
The only way I can fit them both in is to either - get a high sleeper for my son and have chest of drawers and toy box underneath and cot on other side of room. Or get bunk beds and put up cot rails on the bottom bunk for the baby. I'm worried about the baby being in a big bed so young but with the high sleeper option I would need to later buy bunks once baby is out of cot (so an expensive option) as as mentioned 2 full singles won't go in. Any suggestions or thoughts?

pmk1977 Tue 09-Aug-11 23:29:21

How old is the baby? I'm leaning towards the bunk bed option since this will be the most practical long term solution. I know several people who have had babies who wouldn't sleep in a cot but when moved to a bed were quite happy - depending on the age of your baby a bed needn't be a bad thing!

Boogiemumma Wed 10-Aug-11 17:24:28

She's only 3 months! I'm thinking wait s bit - til she is 6 months and then do with cot rails and foam bumpers so she cant fall out

hester Wed 10-Aug-11 17:31:54

First, I would wait another few months. Then how about a mid-sleeper for your 5 year old, with a mattress underneath for the baby? Isn't that the Montessori recommendation?

You could also put a playpen round the baby on the floor if you wanted to limit escapes.

Baby could stay on a floor mattress for years and years.

An0therName Wed 10-Aug-11 18:50:20

I would go high sleeper - then toddler bed when out of the cot - my DS1 was in one until he was 4 which give you a good while
I got a really nice high sleeper on ebay v cheap

hophophippidtyhop Thu 11-Aug-11 11:15:20

I think i remember looking at thuka beds, which you can adapt and add bits to. So you should be able to buy a high sleeper, then convert to bunk beds later. here.

Boogiemumma Thu 11-Aug-11 20:57:44

Thanks really helpful advice given me some more ideas smile

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