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15month old gets worked up = projectile vomiting

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Sar1106 Tue 09-Aug-11 00:09:55

Please can anyone help, every now and then my 15 month old refuses to go to sleep. He gets himself so worked up that we end up with projectile vomiting!

For the last two occasions I have tried the Jo Frost method of leaving him for two mins then going in to settle him then leaving again and the second time I go in I end up covered in sick!!!

There is so much that I have to put us both in that bath - which I can assure you is the last thing I want to be doing at 11:45pm on a Monday night - yep you guessed it I've just been cleaning sick out of the carpet!!!

Any advice greatly received!

Galena Tue 09-Aug-11 09:59:39

DD used to do this - we used PUPD (Pick Up Put Down) which basically means:
Put the child down, saying something like 'Night time now, time to sleep'
If they yell, pick them up, cuddle till quiet, put back down saying same phrase.
Repeat till they are quiet when you put them down.
If whimpering/moaning but not screaming, then pat back in cot.
Just before they drop off, try to leave the room.
If they yell again at any point, repeat.

The first few nights were long and made my back ache, but after that it improved no end! Also, she was never left to yell for more than a couple of seconds, so there was no vomiting. Now we put her down, say 'Night time now, time to sleep' and walk out of the room. We don't hear her again till morning generally.

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