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Is this teething?

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Moulesfrites Mon 08-Aug-11 18:38:05

My ds is 6.5 Mo and cut his first tooth about a week and a half ago. For the past few nights he has been very wakeful and has woken up crying which is not like him - he has never slept through but usually just wakes up chuntering if hungry to the extent that no overnight guest has ever heard him through the night - now it's a different story - they would def wake up! He is ebf and whereas before he would just feed quickly and pull off when done he seems to be comfort sucking for ages, and it takes a while for him to settle back to sleep afterwards too, which is also new.

My mum said that teeth tend to come in twos so I was wondering if this means the next one is on the way although I can't see or feel it yet - would he be showing these symptoms even if the tooth has not yet broken through? Or are we just entering a new phase of clingyness and rubbish sleep (still recovering from the 4 m regression!). He is showing all the signs of chewing everything in sight and drooling loads but tbh he has been doing this for months! Am just looking for an explanation for the very broken nights!

Octaviapink Mon 08-Aug-11 19:08:39

Yes, generally teeth arrive in pairs. If he's got one bottom incisor through then the other will cut in a matter of days. Bread lollies are great - pieces of bread straight out of the freezer. Food AND teething comfort!

MogTheForgetfulCat Mon 08-Aug-11 19:50:10

Hello, my DS3 cut his first tooth a couple of weeks ago at 5 months, and the second one followed within about a week, so sounds as if your LO could be due another one soon.

<Irrelevant aside - I love the word 'chuntering' smile>

AngelDog Mon 08-Aug-11 21:11:51

Yes, they often come in pairs and for my DS the symptoms are worst before the tooth comes through.

The next big sleep regression driven by brain development isn't till 37 weeks (8/9 months).

MooseyMoo Mon 08-Aug-11 21:16:26

My DD cut her teeth two at a time. She would always have two hands in her mouth sucking/chewing away, loose stink stools, sometimes nappy rash and then the symptoms would go away and a couple of days later two teeth would appear.

Luckily it never affected her sleep. We used ashton and parsons in the day and calpol at night.

milkyjo Tue 09-Aug-11 11:24:04

I would say his next one is on the verge. We had about 10 days in between DS first 2 at 4.5 months! He's now 8 months and only just bulging at the top gums, any day now hopefully! However, at 6-7 months DS was very clingy but usually only in the day, this is common when they want to do things like move or sit up but are unable to. A couple of weeks later he was sitting up and rolling over properly.

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