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Toilet probs with DD

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10krunner Sun 07-Aug-11 19:23:04

Hi all,
We are having terrible problems this past week my my 4 yo DD. We had an incident about a month ago where she put too much toilet paper down the toilet then when it flushed the water rose up to nearly the top then gradually went down as it does occasionally. Problem is now she is paranoid that the toilet is going to flood the bathroom all the time and won't use the main bathroom toilet. The only one she will use is our ensuite toilet and even then she won't be in the room when we go to flush after she's been. We tried explaining to her in an understanding way that the water won't flood the bathroom. I've showed her the pipe in the back of the toilet and explained that the water goes through the pipe and outside under the ground but there is no reasoning with her. Does anyone have any ideas on how we get round this?
She's starting school in September and we really do need to get her out of this asap for her own sake aswell as ours - she will end up with a urine infection at this rate and I don't want that for her.


10krunner Mon 08-Aug-11 13:30:34

Does no one have any ideas for me? :-(

tostaky Mon 08-Aug-11 15:49:05

what about taking her to the toilet with you? or flushing some toilet paper with her?

tostaky Mon 08-Aug-11 15:50:34

or maybe try to make it fun... get some pink toilet cleaner gel, put it under the rim of the toliet and get her to flush to see the nice color...

chickflick Mon 08-Aug-11 21:21:52

or get a ping pong ball and use permanent ink and draw a funny face/person on it and put it in the loo.You could give it a funny name too.Anything to make it less scary for her.
To be honest school won't be a problem as most of the kids are in such a rush/thinking about something else that alot of them don't flush the toilet anyway(I work in a school).You could mention it to the teacher when she starts if it is still a problem just so they know and can then help her.
I would just completely back off for a bit and not make an issue of it at all.Then try gently to re introduce the idea with rewards for staying near the door then for staying in the room then for watching it flush-you get the idea gradually.You could also try and make a game of guess when mummy is going to flush get her to count.

10krunner Wed 10-Aug-11 11:51:52

Thanks for the comments all, I have a few new ideas to try now smile

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