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is my 14 month old a bully

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Morph2 Fri 05-Aug-11 22:11:06

i'm sure he's fine so this is a light hearted thread rather than being being really worried but would appreciate any advice as i don't want him growing up getting to be a worse bully. Is it something i need to nip in the bud or let him get on with things.

he is generally a really happy little boy. Very outgoing, which i'm pleased about as i was a painfully shy child, for example you can be pushing him round supermarket in the trolley and he'll smile and wave at people, if they don't acknowledge him he'll cough and shout at them until they do.

I take him to the childrens centre on a friday, the session is for walking to age 5. He is only just walking, he generally plays well but he does seem much rougher than the other children. For example a couple of weeks ago he was playing in the toy kitchen and made two children age 2 and 3 cry on seperate occassions by barging them out the way when he wanted to get somewhere. If other kids knock him when they are passing or even fall on him on the bouncy castle he doesn't seem to care

fidelma Fri 05-Aug-11 23:51:23

He is a baby.

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