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HELP! 20 month old SCREAMING all the time!

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frandango Fri 05-Aug-11 08:06:54

OMG my 20 month old won't stop screaming it is sooo loud and ear piercing it hurts! what is the best cure - stay calm and ignore or put in room till they stop? He only does it at home with myself and his dad - my sister had them all day on Wednesday and not a peep! how annoying! Any advice?

Galena Fri 05-Aug-11 12:19:02

Is he screaming because he's cross or upset? Or is he screaming as a game? I think it depends on why he's screaming how you handle it.

If it's a game, either try to distract him and get him interested in something else or ask him to stop screaming because it hurts your ears and if he carries on, tell him if he doesn't stop screaming you'll put him in his room for a few minutes then follow through.

If it's because he's upset or cross, maybe you need to look at why that is...

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