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When do they notice what they watch?

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littlemisstax Thu 04-Aug-11 21:29:55

DD (9 months) loves snuggling up with DH on the sofa when he watches a film or plays xbox. When does he need to be careful about what he watches with her as I don't want her to take in the idea of shooting in games etc

EBDteacher Thu 04-Aug-11 22:46:11

You will be flamed here I think for letting her watch any adult content at 9 months. There's been debate today about whether ANY screen time is ok.

I think you have to balance out the benefits of having the time with your DH though. Personally I would say time connected to DH balances out negative effects of whatever is on the screen- but I may be a minority in that.

blewit Fri 05-Aug-11 20:49:49

Hmm I think mine started to register what was on screen at about age 3 - and then ask lots of questions. The trouble is it can be totally innocent viewing but they don't understand. Mine is 5 now and sometimes I'm guilty of letting cbbc run into Tracy Beaker. We were having all these ~"you've no idea how horrible my life is" type comments until I realised they were coming from Tracy Beaker. I think you do need to be careful - as no amount of explanation registers - that it's a tv programme = not real. she lives in a childrens home - you don't. You are very loved and very lucky. What's a childrens home, can I live there, why doesn't she have as many toys as me, where's her mum....... It's better just to avoid it happening.

Octaviapink Sat 06-Aug-11 07:58:33

DD used to watch DH play XBox and we used to have her downstairs in the evenings while we were watching a film or whatever in the early days. She's 2 now, and we stopped it long ago. I think about 10 months or so - I remember there was an occasion where somebody was distressed on screen for some reason and it made her cry. We stopped it then. We don't have a TV licence so there's no TV - we have a couple of Looney Tunes DVDs and she's allowed to watch some cartoons with us at the weekend.

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