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Potty training q; holding wee and poo for over ten hours

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bootus Thu 04-Aug-11 19:06:11

Apologies as have posted this on potty training page too but wondered if there might be more traffic here.

Advice much appreciated. My DS is 3 next month. Has show little interest in potty training at all. We decided to give it a go this week due to warm weather/dad being at home to help etc. I'm totally lost with what to do as getting mixed messages from everyone; basically he hasnt done one wee or poo in the day at all since monday (this from a boy who religiously poos 3 times a day when wearing a nappy). He has done 3 v.small 'dribbles' in his pants. On night 2 when the nappy was on for bed he did a huge poo which had to be changed and he was then awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night. We have beeen very relaxed about it all, asking him if he wants to use the toilet or potty every hour, this is usually met with a resounding 'no' which we just just say 'ok, let us know if you do'. He has sat on both a few times and doesnt seem at all distressed on either, he just wont go. My concern is that holding in wee or poo will give him a uti and/or constipation. Its been suggested to me that he obviously knows when he wants one to hold it in, but I disagree, I dont think he has the maturity to think 'i need to wee but wont so will hold it' therefore I think its a subconscious thing. Someone else has said if we put him back in nappies he's 'won', but is it better to just give it a break, leave it a few more weeks and try again? Or if its unlikely to cause problems then carry on until he eventually goes.....??

Besom Thu 04-Aug-11 19:42:20

I haven't been through this myself but have a good friend whose ds was holding it all in at this age. They decided to leave it for a while and I think this was the advice they got from hv as well. So at about 3.5 years he wanted to do it himself and then did it all quite quickly. So my instinct here if I was you would be to leave it for a while.

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