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23 month old slapping and kicking

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loopylacy Wed 03-Aug-11 17:33:27

My 23 month old son keeps kicking and slapping me and is really starting to be naughty. he has always been a good boy im not sure how to disapline as he doesnt seem to understand half the time?! Also any tips on getting him to walk holding hands withought throwing himself on the floor would be much appreciated!

BertieBotts Wed 03-Aug-11 17:36:50

DS doesn't usually do this but has been over the past couple of days. I think it's the heat. How we dealt with it before is "No, you must not kick people. If you want something to kick you can go outside and kick your ball. If you are really cross you can hit and kick the sofa, but not people." And this usually works, although not with this heat-induced rage, it seems. Today I actually carried him outside because he just would not calm down and the change of scene seemed to snap him out of it.

hester Wed 03-Aug-11 17:43:29

dd (also 23 months) is slapping, pulling hair, headbutting and occasionally kicking or biting for variety. She nearly always does it for attention, particularly when I am paying attention to her sister (her sister is the main target).

I tell her, "Don't hurt" and move her away, then pay attention to her sister.

I see it as a wake up call that she needs more attention, but I try not to give her attention immediately - that would be rewarding the behaviour.

As she gets older I expect we'll progress to the naughty step or something. Feel she's a bit young for that now and we're still in the territory of not rewarding the behaviour/punishing through loss of attention.

[sigh] I remember all this with dd1. It does pass!

BertieBotts Wed 03-Aug-11 17:48:30

Yes, sorry, DS is a bit older - 2.10, hence the wordier response. When he was younger I'd either move him or show him something he could hit or kick, and he seemed to take this on board. It's not working currently but as I said I think it's the heat as it seems out of character for him.

kelloo1 Wed 03-Aug-11 22:16:45

my DS is 2 and a half and he is the same. He used to be such a well behaved little boy and now he seems like a different child! He doesn't kick but slaps us, throws things and sometimes bites. We just tell him very firmly it is not nice to hit/bite/throw and then we ignore for a few minutes, during which time he gets bored and goes off to play nicely. He sometimes knows he has done wrong and will say sorry before we can tell him off. Taking his favourite toys away from him seemed to help or a time out in his bedroom. I think it may just be a phase and he will grow out of it cos he never used to be like it. My mum says he's just being a boy! With the walking have you tried reins? My ds hates holding hands too but i tell him if he doesn't we go straight back home. He soon holds on.

maighdlin Wed 03-Aug-11 22:38:56

holy crap actually came on this board to start pretty much exactly the same thread. my dd (2 on sat) headbutted me this morning and it made my tooth catch on my lip and it bled. i had to leave the room i was so angry. when she gets frustrated she bangs her head (which worries me) normally on the floor or sofa but thought my face would do it today. she kicked me a few times when doing her nappy. when DD is bad she has to go to "the wall" and stand at it with her hands on the wall while we count (length depending on the severity) then she has to come over and give a kiss and a hug (variation of the naughty step) the wall generally works but when you put her against it for hitting you she wouldn't hit you again but would kick you or head butt you IYSWIM. its really hard at the minute because she's not very verbal, which is probably why she is getting so frustrated.

wr holding hands i second the reigns. got DD a backpack thing with a set of reins attached at the back. when i forget them, when i try to get her to hold my hand she too lies down on the floor and bangs her head off it, which will result in more tears and yells.

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