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Anyways to encourage DD not to wake in the night

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frazzled2mummy Wed 03-Aug-11 11:32:24

My dd is 10.5 months old and is still waking for a bottle at night. I remember from my ds that i was able to "wean" him off waking, but cant remember how?! Ive started to dilute her milk more, even though she doesnt really drink very much of it. Is it best to diluite until you are practically giving water? All advice would be greatly recieved! Thanks

rockinhippy Wed 03-Aug-11 13:32:25

Its a long while back for me now, so I might be remembering the age wrong, but with my own DD I seem to remember at one point needing to give her a feed before bed or she would wake up due to hunger - perhaps as you are diluting her milk down this is the reason for your DD too??

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 03-Aug-11 15:13:33

Personaly i think there is a possibility she could still be hungry. I know it's different but it's very common for bf babies to feed in the night at this and later ages. Ds sometimes needed solids in the night as late as 15m, he's 17m now and if he woke in the night and wouldn't settle i'd still try giving him a snack as i know his past form.

Obvioulsy your dd may not be hungry, they are all different, but i just wanted to tell you our story as i get got really sick of people saying at x age they "shouldn't" need owt during the night (and imagine you will hear that here). Whatever. hmm

Anyway, i hope you do find a solution soon. grin

frazzled2mummy Wed 03-Aug-11 21:16:35

She was bf untill 5 months. I dont dilute her milk before bed just the one that she drinks in the night, she normally only drinks 2oz of this anyway. And at the mo Im only diluting it by doing 6oz of water and 5 scoops of milk so not loads. I had heard that if you do it so that you eventually just give water, the baby doesnt wake up as there is no point??

She eats well in the day, having big bowl of porridge for breakfast and then 6oz about 10am, then lunch, then 6oz about 3pm and then dinner at about 5, then bottle before bed. Am now 9 weeks pg and getting increasingly tired and could do with her sleeping through.

Perhaps i shouldnt push it but vould just do with an unbroken night of sleep lol!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 03-Aug-11 21:55:36

I can sympathise...i'm pg and ds's worst wakings have been while i've been pg. He has now started sleeping through on his own (at 15m. It got worse before it got better). Personaly i found everything much easier once i was out of the first trimester and not feeling as crap.

Good luck for the pg and the sleep. smile

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