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2yr/6mnth son development delays???

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missyb1988 Wed 03-Aug-11 00:12:34

hello grin
Im new to mumsnet and hoping for some advice from you great people grin so here is my massive essay.

My son is 2 and a half, lately i have noticed he is quite behind with development and is showing irregular behaviour habits (similar to autism, which my brother is a severe autistic). I am taking him to the doctors friday to try get a referral to the hospital.

As of yet he is still unable to talk, he has no language skills what so ever although, he started saying basic words at the aprox time he had his mmr and a severe ear infection (13-14mnth). This then stopped and now he just babbles, like he is first learning to talk but never actually says anything. We have done the basic learning techniques but there doesnt seem to be any progression. So is hoping to be referred to a speech therapist for more help. He still hasnt learnt to pick up interaction properly, he doesnt often play with other children and when he does it isnt in the correct manner, more hugging and scragging at faces and hair. He is more exicted by the company of an adult rather then a child. He has thousands of toys he does play with them but most of the time not how there ment to be played with he is shown and does copy but the day after its like hes forgot confused. He has also got slow hand and finger skills although he can build blocks and etc, he cannot feed himself with knife and fork or control to drink out of a cup.

I feel like a terrible mother for leaving it so long but was hoping he was lazy and praying he would pick it up. Doing the basic techniques and been repetitive isnt working and would love some tips and advice in the mean time as referrals and hospitals take the . cheers for reading hope ya didnt fall asleep too many times grin

zen1 Wed 03-Aug-11 09:22:34

Hi missyb1988 and welcome to mumsnet

Just wanted to say I think you are doing the right thing taking your son to the GP. It is probably worth asking for your son to be referred to a developmental paediatrician as they are best placed to identify any delays, and refer you to any other appropriate services (such as speech therapy) should they be needed. Don't beat yourself up worrying that you have left it to long - 2 is still very young and you have made the first step now.

For what it's worth, my youngest son (2.8) has similar problems, but not been diagnosed with anything other than "delays". I think doing the repetative things is worth doing because even if it doesn't seem to be working you do get breakthroughs.

Also, it is definately worth posting on the mumsnet special needs board because you will get lots of support and advice on there and it is a very friendly, non-judgmental board.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

missyb1988 Wed 03-Aug-11 16:20:30

thank you and yes many friends and family are saying its global development delay but i over worry anyway and as my brother has severe autism you can understand my worries. im doing what i can and hope il get the help i need its like pulling teeth with my doctor i went a few month back but they said it was his hearing i know its not because if i tell him off he paddies and he loves his music. As much as i feel the repetitve teching is il keep to it and thanks for the tip il post on the special needs board and il keep you posted smile

chocjunkie Wed 03-Aug-11 16:24:33

hi missy, sorry you are going through this.

good that you have an appointment with the GP. do not only ask for a referral for speech and language therapy but also demand a referral to a developmental paediatrician.

also ask for a referral for a hearing test just to rule out that a hearing problem isn't hindering his speech development.

best to make a list of all your concerns and observations before you go to the GP to make sure you don't forget to mention anything. Also tell GP that your brother has autism as ASD often runs in families.

how is your son communicating with you? does he point? is he using gestures? do you think his understanding is age appropriate?

why don't you also pop over to the special needs board. loads of mums with similar DC over there who have a wealth of experience ;-)

good luck on friday!

missyb1988 Wed 03-Aug-11 16:57:57

thanks chocjunkie and i will be asking all this when i go and i will ask over the hearing but i am most positive that he can hear as when i tell him off he paddies and he loves his music.

He will take us to what he wants rather then pointing or gestures. I cant really explain it about the other times i jus know what he wants and i am unsure on the age appropriation because yes sometimes he is and sometimes isnt.

thanks for the tip i have posted on the special needs board smile and thanks i need the luck for friday im an emotional wreck at the mo sad

missyb1988 Sat 06-Aug-11 22:09:09

hey again

doctors went really well we got the referral so im really pleased he was so understanding and nice his grandson has autism too so i think helped because the times we went before the other GPs didnt really seem to understand so im just waiting an appointment now. We was in the docs about 20 mins and he saw what i was talking about with the traits he was doing so i was sort of relieved that i wasnt just over thinking things assuming because of my brother the GP did seem to think he had mild autism but as he pointed he cant give that diagnostic as i knew that anyway .

missyb1988 Tue 16-Aug-11 16:04:33


just a little post to say hes coming on leaps n bounds already im gob smacked nothing with the talking but the eye contact is going really well hes giving contact to me and dp very well and hes starting to look at family members n friends now im feeling very optimistic now grin

il keep you post on a referral date smile

Naetha Tue 16-Aug-11 16:15:45

That sounds great smile

Sometimes people (whether children, teenagers or adults) just need a different approach.

I was referred to child psychiatrists when I was younger, but blossomed when I left home in a different environment.

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