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Do you worry about your neighbours?

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tryingtobemarypoppins2 Tue 02-Aug-11 22:33:48

DS has been really testing of late. Lots of time spent in the garden and has had tantrums when I have take away toys being miss used etc...all the normal stuff.

A few times this week he has really tantrumed when going to bed, hearing older children outside still playing into the evening. He has started getting out of bed and crying at the window sad trouble is our neighbour is often outside reading and it must sound and look horrible!

I'm a bit worried what she must think!

pollyteapot Wed 03-Aug-11 06:47:56

Don't worry. Kids have tantrums, and I'm sure she'll have seen and heard it all before, especially if she has kids of her own. I worry more about what the neighbours think of me, Mrs Shouty Mum.

On saing that, my DS used to kick up a meryy hell when he got a shower, it was so upsetting for me, cos he was crying so so hard, and screaming and shouting 'you're hurting me, please don;t do that ..'. We DID worry then as we live in a flat, so i would shout even louder about water and being clean just so there could be no misunderstanding about what was going in.

Your neighbour will be fine, honest.

Rillyrillygoodlooking Wed 03-Aug-11 06:51:05

I used to scream so much having my hair washed when I was small that our neighbour said she thought we were being murdered! And we only knew that from a convo over the fence. Maybe you could strike up a conversation casually slip in, oh my ds is really playing up etc. They may not have even noticed?!

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