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How to keep a 4yo & a 14mo entertained at the same time

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Noomininoo Tue 02-Aug-11 21:42:05

I have 2 lovely DDs, an arty, creative 4.2yo and a pocket rocket 14mo. Despite their quite different personalities they get on really well & love each other to pieces.

The problem I have, however is trying to keep both of them entertained. DD1 loves drawing, colouring, cutting, sticking etc whereas DD2 just loves rampaging around the place stealing (& chewing on) DD1s pens, pencils & crayons, standing on or crunching up her paper & drawings & generally just making a pest of herself.

I try & engage DD2 in other (more age appropriate) activities but she just wants to do whatever her big sis is doing & just isn't interested in her 'baby' toys.

I want to spend time with DD1 doing these arty things but I just seem to spend all my time snatching things back off DD2, fishing things out of her mouth or moving her away from the table we're working at. Similarly I want to spend some time with DD2 playing with some more age appropriate toys for her but, she only seems interested in what DD1 is doing.

So - my question is, does anyone have any ideas on activities that are age appropriate for DD2 but will also keep DD1 happy & engaged? Things that they can do together so that I'm not always trying to stop DD2 doing things or telling DD1 to move things out of reach?


An0therName Tue 02-Aug-11 21:50:57

have a 5 year DS1 and 17 month pocket rocket - he will now - although not at 14 months sit with his washable pens while DS1 does some drawing - ripping paper is something he likes doing, and he like those drawing things that you can earase
or we do it when he naps or he goes to bed earlier so bit of time there
activities together - bubbles, running like loons round the garden, climbing in boxes ,

doigthebountyeater Tue 02-Aug-11 22:45:12

I have two boys but similar problems. I encourage play with construction toys duplo, knex etc - stimulating enough for the big one but the little one can fiddle about with them too. They both like playdough too.

It is really hard. I keep the 'big boy' stuff for when DS2 is having his nap.

Rose50 Thu 04-Aug-11 19:04:33

I also have 2 DDs. DD1 is 4.2 and DD2 is 16 months. DD1 and I only get to do craft in the afternoon whilst DD2 naps. But she knows that during this time she will get my undivided attention and so seems happy enough with this arrangement. I find that they will play quite well together in the garden but can't seem to play so well in the house. My DD2 also wants to do whatever her big sister is doing, but isn't old enough yet to actually play. She just picks everything up, puts everything in her mouth etc etc. When the weather is good I go out every morning - makes life much easier!

I've got some ELC Happyland sets and a toy kitchen and ELC plastic fruit and veg sets which they can both play with and seems to enjoy. But that is about it at the moment!

theotherboleyngirl Thu 04-Aug-11 19:14:08

Another one who saves the concentrated crafty stuff for the nap times. I have a 5 yo and twin 1 year olds... same problem. Things they do together are playdoh, aquadraw, and painting with water on the walls outside! Fortunately DS (the 5yo) is also very active so quite happy to run about with them in the garden/park and because he gets the concentrated time during their nap to read with me, draw, do crafts etc he seems happy enough.

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