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DS 2.9 not that aware of his head?!

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WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 02-Aug-11 07:04:20

My beautiful son will be 3 in November (gone so fast!).

He has always been a headbutter but it's not getting that much better. He had a slighty large head as a baby which he has grown into (IYSWIM) but is always banging it.

If he is laying on me he doesn't put his head down carefully (cue blood everywhere and really sore nose, me not him) and often bangs it on tables etc. He just isn't that careful of his head! It doesn't even really seem to hurt him! Is this unusual?

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 02-Aug-11 14:30:03

Does no one else have a toddler like this?

alowVeraWithPurpleTwuntyPants Tue 02-Aug-11 15:04:18

My dd2 (3) has no spacial(sp?) awareness. She runs into the table, she used to be able to run under it, but since getting too tall the run under it, she just bumps into it.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 02-Aug-11 17:15:55

alow When do they develop that? Do you know?

GollyHolightly Tue 02-Aug-11 17:24:56

I had a friend who in his early twenties was forever smacking his head off stuff accidentally. Perhaps some of them never grow out of it.

alowVeraWithPurpleTwuntyPants Tue 02-Aug-11 18:21:36

Both of mine have SN, different types, but both affect spacial(sp?) awareness. So may not be the best person to ask, but generally they seem to be okay around 5yrs. As dd1 is starting to look clumsy when compared to school friends.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 02-Aug-11 18:55:02

I did a quick google of it and it seems spacial awareness is evident in children with Dyspraxia and Aspergers. Is that what yours have alowVera? I am rather interested in both those things as I think my brother has Aspergers and my dad shows signs of Dyspraxia and ADD. Neither have ever been diagnosed.

It means I am always on the lookout for anything in my own children.

wonkylegs Tue 02-Aug-11 18:59:49

My 3 yr old DS has a head like concrete that seems to be forever being bashed doesn't bother him but it does me especially when it's my nose/skull/teeth it's connected with [oww]
I've been assured it's nothing to worry about and he's just a clumsy oaf

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 02-Aug-11 19:04:05

wonkylegs Oh really? That's reassuring. Who did you see about it? My sons head is like concrete too!

alowVeraWithPurpleTwuntyPants Tue 02-Aug-11 20:39:52

eyebrows dd1 has c.m.t.

And dd2 is deaf with inner ear deformities, major balance problems, speech and language delay, and some ASD traits although may be dyspraxia still trying to get a firm diagnosis on anything other than the deafness.

wonkylegs Tue 02-Aug-11 20:46:02

DH is a dr and we asked his friend who is a paediatrician but as a panicky mum who doesn't believe a word DH says raised it with GP & HV (mines fab) grin

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 02-Aug-11 22:58:50

That's interesting alowVera, I'd never heard of that condition before. So your oldest is 5? How old is the little one? My children go to a school that has lots of deaf pupils as it's what they specialise in, and the inclusion is really beautiful to see!

alowVeraWithPurpleTwuntyPants Wed 03-Aug-11 01:14:53

eyebrows Dd1 is 5 and Dd2 is 3, We have no schools locally that have more than 3 deaf children. sad considering moving to find an appropriate school for her.
Not many people have heard of cmt, but it one of the most common hereditary "diseases".
What school do your DCs go to?

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Wed 03-Aug-11 08:23:23

alow I've PM'd you.

Davsmum Wed 03-Aug-11 08:43:10

ALowvera,.. My daughter who is now grown up - has CMT. It wasn't diagnosed until she was almost an adult. I had never heard of it but since I have learned a bit about it I realise her paternal Grandfather must have had it as well as her Uncle and some other family members.

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