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If your baby naps at lunchtime, when you do give them lunch?

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Moulesfrites Mon 01-Aug-11 13:15:22

sorry for the inane question, but ds is 27 weeks and we have been weaning for about 3 weeks now. I am finding it difficult trying to fit everything in, before the weaning I just breastfed on demand and didn't pay any attention to the time, except for a bedtime routine, but now I am finding I have to follow a bit of a schedule if I am to fit in food, milk and naps!

Up until a few days ago he has just been having little 30/40 min cat nap, 3/4 times a day, but now he seems to be falling asleep at lunchtime. Today, for example he fell asleep at half 11 and is still sleeping now! I will give him his lunch when he wakes up, but think it would be better if he eats before his sleep? He did have a little cat nap at half 9. Should I try to push his morning nap a bit later then fit in lunch before his lunchtime nap? Aargh!

bigkidsdidit Mon 01-Aug-11 13:31:25

DS suddenly started napping longer at 6.5 months too. We do - milk on waking- 6.30 ish usually - breakfast 8am, nap 9-11 ish, lunch 11.45-12 ish, nap 1.30-3, milk 3, dinner 4.30, milk 6.30, bed 7.

If he likes a short morning nap and a longer lunchtime one I would do lunch at 11.30 before his nap. It'll all change again soon anyway! No point worrying!

Is he having breakfast and dinner too yet?

Octaviapink Mon 01-Aug-11 13:34:13

Both my DCs go to bed at 11.30 after lunch at 11. It's a bit later in the winter, but children generally have pretty early clocks. What time does he wake up? DS who's just 8m does this:
wakes up at about 5,
breakfast at 6
feed, back to bed at 7.30 for an hour or so
Lunch is at 11
feed then bed again at 11.30, up at about 1.
Feed at 2,
tea at 3, then the third nap (probably about 45 minutes) at 4 (probably after another feed)
supper around 5ish.
Feed plus bed at 6.

AchtungBaby Mon 01-Aug-11 14:53:00

Until very recently, and for the past few months, DS (11 months) did this:

6am Get up, BF
7am Breakfast
9am Nap (1hour 15mins)
10:30am BF, snack
12pm Lunch
1pm Nap
2:30pm BF, snack
5pm Tea
6:30pm Bath, BF, cot

I initially found it hard to fit everything in too grin.

It sounds like your DS's nap habits are changing - Marc Weissbluth's book 'Healthy sleep habits, happy child' is a bit of a hefty tome, but does contain lots of good data about how much sleep, naps, times etc. From memory, he says that most babies will begin to have 2 naps / day (1 at about 9am, and 1 at about 1pm) of 1-2 hours each. I can't remember exactly what age these begin to emerge though.

It's funny, I know that Gina Ford gets a bad rap, but I just let DS evolve his own routine, and when I've compared it at different ages from ~6 months+ against GF's book, he's pretty much been following her routines.

AchtungBaby Mon 01-Aug-11 14:55:32

Oh, I wrote 'until very recently' as DS seems to be trying to drop a nap at the mo. This consists of him going to sleep for his 9am nap as usual, then going down really late, if at all, for his 1pm nap. I want him to drop his am nap, so I'm waking him early from his am nap to protect his pm nap.

An0therName Tue 02-Aug-11 21:55:21

at that age if he wasn't awake at lunch time he just missed it -didn't seem bothered then from 8 months or so he was having a name at 9ish and one after lunch

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