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development checks and WOH

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bigkidsdidit Mon 01-Aug-11 07:07:04

hi everyone

Now I am back at work, until 2.30pm Mon-Fri, and DS is 6mo3w. I keep reading on this topic about various development checks and seeing the HV. Are these vital? Which ones are the most important - as our HV is only at the clinic in the morning I'll book a day's leave for the most important ones. I weigh DS on the Wii Fit board and he is fine, and developing well, started crawling already although not at all vocal. I think he's fine, anyway.

Would you bother with any at all? Do I need to take him to the doc for any sort of check before his 12 month jabs?


cjbartlett Mon 01-Aug-11 07:09:08

Iirc the nine month one is important for the hearing test and it's when you get your bookstart bag with free books in it for him

Could your partner take time off ?

Paschaelina Mon 01-Aug-11 07:36:45

We don't get a 9 month one here, it's a year.

Paschaelina Mon 01-Aug-11 07:38:55

Sorry posted too soon.

Was going to say it depends on your area whether they do one or the other. We haven't seen the HV since 8 weeks. Nothing scheduled til a year.

bigkidsdidit Mon 01-Aug-11 07:39:47

I've already got a bookstart bag! Maybe it's different all round the country. I can take a day off at nine months if there's a hearing test etc, I was just a bit confused as people talk about so many different ones.

Paschaelina Mon 01-Aug-11 08:15:37

Yeah we got the bag when he was registered at 4 days old. You should get a call or reminder through the post for scheduled checks.

Quick nose at his red book lists in order: Newborn hearing screen, New baby review, 6-8 week review, 1 year review, 2-2.5 year review.

No need for any other unless you have any issues.

bigkidsdidit Mon 01-Aug-11 08:21:11

Brills. Thanks!

Firsttimer7259 Mon 01-Aug-11 10:46:19

Practice varies across UK regarding development checks. But you have charts in your redbook with the key milestones. See if you can tick them off. If you cant and give it a month or so extra, then go to GP to discuss any concerns.
Do NOT rely on all the people who tell you 'oh its fine mine didnt do x until blahdiblah age'. Use the proper info and check your child against that. People often spout (well-intentioned) rubbish or are trying to be polite.

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