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3.5 yr old waking in night

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babycarmen Sun 31-Jul-11 20:35:57

My dd (4 in October) wakes in the night needing the toilet but she wont go herself, she gets upset and cries hard and needs me to take her, if i dont she just cries and cries, shes pretty much half asleep when she wakes because i try speaking to her and try getting her to go herself but she doesnt really respond, just cries til shes done a pee and is back in bed then falls straight back asleep.

Any advice/tips on how to get her out of this? Im pregnant so dont really want her doing this when i have a newborn here :/ Im going to stop giving her water/juice before she goes to bed but if anyone has any tips on how to deal with her when she wakes, it would be greatly appreciated!

mousymouse Mon 01-Aug-11 10:48:43

she is only little, really. ds used to do the same (half waking/crying) at that age but it suddenly stopped.

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