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Help me I am going mad - crazy 4 month old

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mrstiredpants Thu 28-Jul-11 16:22:07

Dear god I hope you can help me I am going insane. My DD is EBF and has just turned 4 mths.She was sleeping 7 - 6 wakind once or twice in the night and having a good long nap 2 hours after waking and 2 other naps during the day. She is now fussing at the breast everytime I try and feed her.Going sometimes 4 hours inbetween feeds and othertimes 1 hour and refusing to sleep at night. I have had her checked by Dr for ear/throat issues incase that was affecting feeding. I wonder if its the dreaded 4 mth growth spurt but she doesnt seem to be feeding much more just fussier generally and issues with naps. Please somebody help me before I fall to pieces.
Thanks xxx

Octaviapink Thu 28-Jul-11 16:49:20

When they hit four months they start noticing stuff going on around them more - so you may find that she latches on happily then immediately gets distracted. Sometimes to the point of forgetting to feed at all, then realising 20 minutes later that she's starving. Does that sound like her fussing?

mrstiredpants Fri 29-Jul-11 07:22:02

Sort of - there are definitely distracted moments and I can wait those out and then she'll feed. But other times its screaming and arching her back when I get her in the position to feed and get the boob out.

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