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2 yr old sucks his fingers. should i be worried about his speech?

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kelloo1 Thu 28-Jul-11 14:52:13

My DS is 2 and a half and sucks his fingers. He has never had a dummy. He has done it since he was a baby and it's mostly a comfort thing, usually when he's tired or just sat resting. He sucks quite hard though and has hard bumps on his fingers which he now tries to bite. I am more worried about his speech though. At his 2 yr review i mentioned it to the HV as I had heard finger sucking could delay speech and the development of the mouth but she said I had nothing to worry about as most kids his age speak the same. He can't pronounce his s's r's or w's and if he tries to say 's' he has a lisp. Some examples of his words are 'beddy' for ready, 'bain' for rain 'dop' for stop. I can always understand what he means but it's very frustrating when other people say 'what is he saying', like he's stupid or something. I wasn't too worried til I saw supernanny the other night with a finger sucker who had delayed speech and now I don't know what to think! Is his speech at a 'normal' level for his age? I am hoping he will outgrow the sucking but not so sure. Any advice welcome.

DobieTheHouseElf Thu 28-Jul-11 15:02:13

My DD sucked 2 fingers from the day she was born until the end of primary school. The only reason she managed to stop was going on a week long residential trip with school where she didn't want her friends to see her habit!

She had no problems with speech. She is, however, now in the process of having her teeth corrected as the finger sucking has caused them to grow in really crooked.

Your DS speech sounds normal from the examples you've given.


kelloo1 Thu 28-Jul-11 15:13:17

Thanks, it's good to know his speech sounds normal. His teeth was another thing i thought could be affected as one of his top ones looks a bit crooked but when they fall out the next one will hopefully grow straight. That's if he gives up the finger sucking! I've been told not to stop him from doing it as this could make him anxious and do it more so I tend to just let him do it. It keeps him quiet anyway!

DobieTheHouseElf Thu 28-Jul-11 17:22:13

I half-heartedly tried to get DD to stop but then figured it wasn't worth the upset. There are battles worth fighting and finger sucking wasn't one IMO.

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