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4yr old obsession with having older sister

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skewiff Wed 27-Jul-11 22:10:20

I'm sure this is nothing to worry about. But ever since DS has been about 2, he has been really into older girls - 3/4 then - now he's 4, its anyone over 6.

I used to wonder what it was all about. But now he's old enough to say he says that he wants an older sister. He's got a baby sister.

Today we went to a play groupish type thing and he spent the whole time chasing these 10 year old girls about and insisting that they ride on the back of his tricycle and play table tennis with him. He completely ignored the other children of his age. When there are no older girls about he plays 'normally' though. When they disappeared to play on computers somewhere he went all sad (which is really unusual for him) and then spent the whole afternoon saying really earnestly to me 'I really want a big sister'.

I am guessing that he sort of wants a younger more fun version of a mother (I've tried to explain that big sisters usually tease their brothers and don't necessarily want to play with them) - and I'm sure he'd rather have an older sister than a baby sister because then at least the sister would actually do something (rather than sit in a bouncy chair and have its nappy changed etc).

Has anyone else ever had their child obsessed with older children/ wanting an older sibling? Is it at all strange? Is there anything I should be doing or saying?

Its only that its been really obvious to me for so long that he is quite obsessive about it, that I'm worrying. For example - for a long time now, if we're in a group of people, DS will totally latch on to the oldest girl and completely ignore all the other children. He attaches himself to the oldest girl and won't leave her alone.

I used to think that he'd just grow out of it, but now it seems this might not happen.

Thank you.

crispyseaweed Thu 28-Jul-11 10:16:16

nothing to worry about... he probably just admires them......
do you think?
As long as he doesnt come back home when he is 21 yrs with an older woman of 45 yrs.!!! [joke]

skewiff Thu 28-Jul-11 20:30:52

Yes, thank you, I think I was overstressing.

Piglet28 Thu 28-Jul-11 20:41:01

My DS 2.5 absolutely loves older girls! He finds them in the park and just follows them around whether they want him to or not! He has a couple of older girl cousins and much older step sisters and he loves them so much... not interested in kids his own age at all if they are around!

latrucha Thu 28-Jul-11 20:42:33

Slightly older girls make a huge fuss of cute little boys. Of course he wants it full time!

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