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Dummy replaced by bedwetting???

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Suslik Wed 27-Jul-11 17:52:44

Hi all. i need some advice.

My 3y4m daughter was in love with her dummy so much so that we could not get rid of it forever and finally about 2 weeks ago on holiday we told her that dummy has gone to another baby etc and it's time to let it go. She seemed reasonably ok with it and did not put up much of a fight, she is fine falling asleep without her dummy.

However round about the same time she started having bedwetting accidents, and these are becoming more and more frequent. She is recently toilet trained, since about late April this year, and has never had a bedwetting accident until after dummy has disappeared.

I am sure the two events are related and seems that she is missing the stress relief that dummy was providing. But would it be the right thing for the dummy to come back to us, even if only for sleep times, or should i hold out and bedwetting would stop by itself in a few days (weeks?) time?

thanks for any opinions on this.

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