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Query Aspergers? What next?

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smokinaces Mon 25-Jul-11 18:05:16


DS1 has just finished reception. He completed all stages of the Foundation Stage Profile, apart from his emotional and social development which is way below. We've been heavily involved through the school year with social stories and other techniques, but the report now says there are real concerns about his social awareness and impact on others etc.

Its become more apparent with social situations that he really does struggle, and having done some courses on the school suggestion at the local Austism unit it does seem like its pointing to Aspergers.

I have a GP appointment in the morning, on their recommendation. What next? Do I ask for a Paed referral? Or does the GP go forward with this? The school will support us I should imagine, on the back of this report and situations that have occured in school (had several meetings with Head and his teacher and the TA). He is 5 next week, and so so intelligent and clever, but as he is growing older the social struggles and lack of development are really becoming apparent.


TotalChaos Mon 25-Jul-11 18:59:56

Might be worth reposting this on SN board. Yes, I would ask GP for referral to a paediatrician (NB the exact names of teams and sequence of events administratively will vary massively from area to area, as will the no of specialities involved - e.g. whether a speech therapist would be involved as well as paediatrician). Flag up to the GP that school are very concerned, and feel his social difficulties are out of the ordinary for his age. Good luck with the appointment.

smokinaces Mon 25-Jul-11 19:10:08

Thats TotalChaos, will find the SN board now.

He's already undergoing speech therapy and under ENT for hearing/Glue ear problems.

lingle Mon 25-Jul-11 21:32:43

sounds like a good school. We've also just finished reception on SEN for social communication issues.

by the way, the book "Talkability" sounds like something that would suit you at this stage.

good luck!

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