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Can anyone recommend a stairgate that toddlers can't open, please!?

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addictedtofrazzles Mon 25-Jul-11 15:21:37

DS1 is a pain at bedtime and we have a stairgate on his bedroom door. However, he can open it and regularly goes on night wanders (found him asleep on the stairs the other night?!?!?). For his safety, and for my sanity, I need to get a gate that he can't open. The Kiddyguard roller blind one seems to be sold out across the country - are there any other tricky to open ones?

Many thanks smile

meep Mon 25-Jul-11 15:56:09

if you get this one just right it is tricky to open here

You have to push the whole gate down and push in the catch at the same time to open it - neither of mine have managed...............yet

BlooCowWonders Mon 25-Jul-11 16:23:05

If it's just at night time, and you don't need to keep opening and closing, I'd just tie a bungee cord around it.

DeWe Mon 25-Jul-11 18:21:31

Turn the gate upside down and you can step over it. Works a treat.

alowVera Mon 25-Jul-11 21:41:51

Meep- my jyst 3yo can open the baby dan stair gate.
She can't open this one
Or the normal gate version of this one

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