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WWYD - dd (3.2) suddenly being horrible about sharing

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deaconblue Mon 25-Jul-11 13:15:06

dd has been pretty angelic thus far. She's sociable, cheery and good fun but recently she's being awful about sharing with one friend in particular. We had our regular coffee morning with a group of 4 other children at our house. The minute the other little girl (I'll call her Katy) walked in dd started. She wanted her doll back (she has about 6 but wanted the first one Katy picked up). I told her no and brought 2 others over to choose from. Later Katy put on a princess costume (there are 3 to choose from) but dd screamed for it. In end I put her on the step and told her she could come back when she was ready to play nicely but she just sat screaming until Katy's mum took the costume off KAty and gave it to dd. I was protesting at this point that I didn't want dd to be given the costume but KAty's mum insisted. Dd then held the dress and started crying for the next one Katy had put on. Eurgh and this has been the way she's been with Katy for the past 3 or 4 times we've met up.
If we had been at someone else's house I would take her home for being so horrible but I couldn't ask everyone to leave my house so just alternated between trying to reason with her and offer her other toys etc and sticking her on the step. What could I have done differently please?

SenoritaViva Mon 25-Jul-11 16:50:20

I shouldn't worry too much, it is probably just a phase. They go through some very odd ones!

You could try talking to her about it. She might be mature enough to be able to tell you, like Katy never shares with me. Or she hit me and I don't like her playing with my things etc. Otherwise I would try and talk to her before the next time she sees Katy. She should be allowed one or two precious toys that she doesn't have to share, otherwise set your expectations.

I'd also hav a word with Katy's mum and just say that you don't want to support her bad behaviour by giving in. Maybe this is what Katy's mum did to your DD previously (made her hand something over when DD didn't think it was fair?) and so she is now not wanting to share anything with Katy?

Octaviapink Mon 25-Jul-11 18:59:37

It does seem to be a problem with Katy, rather than in general. She may just dislike her! It's fair enough that our children don't have to like each other. Perhaps next time Katy's due, you could talk to DD beforehand - explain that she doesn't have to play with her, but she could put anything particularly precious away, and why doesn't she pick out some things that she would be happy for Katy to play with.

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