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Still sleep regression or do I need to sleep train more?

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redelephant Mon 25-Jul-11 08:18:45

My DD is almost 24 weeks (19 weeks adjusted age). She is currently going through a sleep regression and has been for a good month now. Prior to that she was doing quite well and either sleeping through or just waking for one feed. I have posted on this before and received some good advice and was reassured by the fact that it was just a phase.

The reason I am posting again is that she seems to have a pattern now and I am starting to doubt if this is a regression or is it something I am doing (or not doing). I think I am just very tired!

Basically she seems to wake every couple of hours. Usually just to be re settled as she often drops straight back to sleep as soon as I pick her up. This is a usual night:

Asleep by 7.30/8.00

Between this time and 12 I usually have to re settle her three times. This involves picking her up breifly to soothe her or often just turning her back onto her side and she drops back to sleep.

Between 12 and 4 she will wake 2 or 3 times.

After 4/4.30 and up to 7am when we get up she will not stay settled at all. She will stay asleep anything from a couple of mins to 20 minutes (or half an hour if i am lucky). Much like the early part of the night I am often just turning her back onto her side or giving her a cuddle.

I have done some sleep training for her naps (pupd) which was successful. She can self settle sometimes.

My question to anyone who may know more about this than me or has experienced this: Is this a self settling thing or is this sleep regression?

I am so tired and run down now. I realise there are probably no difinitive answers but if anyone has any advice that would be great!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 25-Jul-11 08:36:48

are you feeding her during the night? Sorry, it was unclear from your post (or maybe just from my reading of it). Is she bf or ff?

Imo it could still be sleep regression, they can take a while. Personaly i think it's too young to do much sleep training. Not least because it is still very early days and things will change a lot.

redelephant Mon 25-Jul-11 08:47:04

Sorry I thought I mentioned about feeding. She is bf. I feed her a couple of times in the night - usually around 1ish and around 4ish. The rest of the time she doesnt appear to be waking for hunger as she goes back to sleep as soon as I pick her up..

Yeah I agree I dont want to go mad with sleep training for that reason - she is young still.

I am hoping it is sleep regression as at least that means it will be over (at some point!)... one day!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 25-Jul-11 09:04:24

It will definatly be over one day! But i can't say when.

From what i hear some babies go back to their previous routine...some don't. Ds didn't sleep much at all by this point so didn't regress but he did at some of the later ones.

I have always fed to sleep and through the night etc. Ds went through the 15m regression in a big way but came out of it pretty much sleeping through.

It sounds like your dd is naturally a "better" sleeper than my ds so will no doubt sleep through before then. But my point is it does get worse before it gets better...ime.

If possible adapt your's easier than changing theirs! Early nights, naps and safe cosleeping are the order of the day imo!

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