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poo-poo, bum-bum, wee-wee, all day - i need help before i totally lose it.

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lallyp Sun 24-Jul-11 13:59:13

my DS has just turned 4. one of his friends who is a boy of 4.5 continually says: "Poo, bum, wee - I'm going to poo in you" "you are a poo" "you have poo splatted in your face" etc etc. his parents tell him to stop but it makes no difference.

my ds has started copying him word for word and is driving me insane with irritation.
after not seeing his friend for a few day my ds calmed down a bit with these utterings but the second he is with his friend it is on again.

I can't seem to ignore it. it is horrible and i now understand why parents smack their kids. I am failing badly with this. give me tantrums and hissy fits any day. at least i understand what is going on with them.

please, does anyone have experience in dealing with this? any advice appreciated.

today when my ds started poo-bum-wee talk in the back of the car i said 'lets both talk like this until we arrive' so for the next 15 minutes i joined him and by about 10 minutes in he got cross and said that i should stop as i was annoying him. and he hardly said a 'toilet' word for the rest of the day. - not sure about this but it worked for today!

PorkChopSter Sun 24-Jul-11 14:45:22

We have a no toilet functions talk rule at the table, but then they start laughing about the word "toilet" and repeating it and asking what exactly is a toilet function, is it like poo and then saying things like "let's use chimpanzee to mean the W word, and zebra for the P word" and it goes on and on <bangs head> Mine are 3, 5 and 7. The younger two are the worst.

If it's any consolation, we had 9 and 11 year olds over in the week and they were telling mine to stop talking like that (and they were listening shock) - so you've only got another 5 years of it grin

keepcalmandeatcake Sun 24-Jul-11 15:13:09

I have 4 and 2 year old boys who also find it very funny to talk about poo. 'would you like some poo poo coffee?' etc. They also do it most around their friends - I think becaue their friends find it funny too and they can all crack each other up. They don't bother me with it much. I tend to ignore it at home and tell them to stop because it isn't polite when we're out and about. I think it's the same as a lot of these irritations - the more you make of it/ they see it presses your buttons - the more they want to do it. I don't mean to sound smugly calm, my kids can drive me insane some days but I think the behaviour you're describing sounds very normal.

colditz Sun 24-Jul-11 15:33:17

I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old and it is like living with Southpark's Terence and Philip, sometimes. I tried doing it back - cue them rolling around on the floor hardly able to breathe from giggling. It's difficult to suppress, especially as when my BF visits, he greets Ds2 by pretending to fart on his head.

<<sigh>>[rolls eyes]]

I ignore it now.

boardgames Sun 24-Jul-11 23:10:43

Aaagh. Dd is in this phase. I have limited success by offering alternative words - eg "let's talk about something else <insert words from current obssession>, pretty princesses ..."

Tryharder Sun 24-Jul-11 23:59:06

Before I clicked on your thread, I knew you were going to tell me that you had a boy aged 4 grin

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