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biting thirteen month old

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JacksonPollocks Wed 20-Jul-11 21:41:31

ds seems quite young for the biting stage but he's been at it for months and he has a great set of teeth. He cites toys if frustrated, or people. When tired he really goes for it. It's at the point where it's hard to relax in case he sneakes up and bites and cuddler are downright dangerous! Does anyone have any tactics for discouraging this in such a young child? Particularly biting other children. He's starting to understand no for some things but seems to see biting as a game as he's often laughing.

TheSugarPlumFairy Wed 20-Jul-11 22:45:59

DD (16 months) went through a stage at about that age where she would bite too. Sometimes it was frustration but more often it happened when we were playing and she would get carried away. It was usually when she was climbing over us/having wrestling-tickling games. So far as i know though she only ever bit me or her dad. Nursery haven't reported any problems.

We were not really sure how to address it at first because it was obvious she had no real understanding of right or wrong/ being naughty etc. We found though that if we reacted instantly to the bite in a loud negative manner (big loud No! No Biting! - and then end the game) she understood that it was behaviour that we did not like. She would get upset at our reactions and after a few seconds we would comfort her. It seemed to work though it took a few goes.

good luck!

AngelDog Wed 20-Jul-11 23:03:50

DS did this at a similar age. I tried to always offer an alternative object for him to bite. I'd say "Biting hurts. You can bite on a toothbrush though" and hand him a toothbrush (or similar object - a baby toothbrush was just a handy size to keep in my pocket). If he was biting an object, I'd say "Keep it out of your mouth please. You can bite on a toothbrush though"

After a while he would go to bite, stop and look at me and I could give him the toothbrush before he actually bit. After a bit longer, he just stopped doing it (although at 18 m.o. he still likes to bite new things to explore what they feel like).

If I was holding him and he bit me, I'd always put him down on the floor for a few seconds as well.

SkelleyBones Wed 20-Jul-11 23:23:29

Are you sure he's not teething ? Mine is biting everyone at the moment and the sheer relief on his face as he sinks his teeth into your collar bone is apparent.
Not much fun for us but I try and shove something else into his mouth before he makes contact.

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