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Faggotsnpeas Wed 20-Jul-11 10:51:09

I know my DD is still very young, she is 3 in a couple of weeks, but she has started bed wetting again. She has been doing ever so well with staying dry at night and I am ever so proud of her.
However, we had to get her a new bed at the end of last week, which we were up front about with her, and she was really looking forward to getting. But since she has had her new bed she has wet the bed 3 times. I am aware that 3 wet beds is not a huge problem, but she currently only has 2 sets of bedding, so having to get everything washed and dried in one day is not always easy (sounds like an excuse, but is an issue) DH told her this morning that if she wets her bed tonight, which if she did would be 3rd night on the trot, she would have to go back in nappies for a while. Dd not happpy about that, as she is a big girl, and to her big girls do not wear nappies. Up until this week she has not wet the bed for a couple of months, she would always wake up and call out saying she needed to go to the toilet, she even did this when she was still in nappies during the night.
I partly feel as if it is our fault that she has started bed wetting again, as she has got into the habbit of when she goes to bed, about 7pm, she straight away gets out of bed again for up to 5 or 6 times, saying she needs a wee or poo. (This has been going on for quite a few months though) I think this is a good thing if she does actually need to go, but a lot of the time she will sit on the loo and not do anything! DH gets really frustrated with her when she does this, and will get to the stage where he will be quite firm with her and tell her that she is not to get out of bed again. Is this the reason why she is wetting the bed, because she thinks that if she gets out of bed she will be told off? I have spoke to DH about this, but he disagrees with me.

Would it help if I said to dd each night that if she has a dry bed in the morning then she could have a sticker, this has worked in the past, then if she is dry for a week she could get a treat?

Any advice would be greatly received. We are due dc2 in October, so ideally would like to not have both of them in nappies!

cherrybug Wed 20-Jul-11 12:12:57

I think as you say your DD is still very young. Being dry at night at her age is fantastic and pretty unusual I would say. I'm not suprised she would still have accidents now and then.

My DD is 3 also and has only just started going to bed without nappies. We put her to bed at the normal time and then just before we go to bed (around 10.30pm) we pick her up and put her on the toilet - she doesnt really wake up and does a wee. We then put her back to bed and she sleeps right through till morning and gets up and does a wee straight away. I wasnt sure about disturbing her sleep but before that she would wake up in the middle of the night and call for us anyway so she was still getting disturbed sleep. At least this way she gets a longer stretch of uninterrupted sleep, stays dry and we dont get woken up at 3am! I'm hoping that at some stage she'll be happy to go to the toilet in the night on her own but I reckon it could be a while away as she's not keen on the dark.

A friend of mine puts a potty in her DDs room. She gets up in the night and uses the potty then goes straight back to bed. That wouldnt work for us as DD never used a potty (straight to toilet) but might work for you?

It's hard to know if your DH has inadvertantly caused her to feel she shouldnt get out of bed. It could just be going to bed delay tactics on her part rather than a genuine need to go to the toilet iyswim.

Good luck, I'm also due dc2 (in November) so will be hoping that the toilet training is nailed well and truly by then too!

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