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Nightmare nappy changes

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Weearchiesmum Tue 19-Jul-11 14:13:06

My 15 month old has suddenly taken a dislike to getting dressed or having his nappy changed. If I use the changing table he tries to jump off it and if I change him on the floor he just gets up and wanders away. If I try to keep him in 1 place he screams the place down and tries to hit me. In most other respects he very well behaved and undertands that no means no, but this is a nightmare. I dread getting him dressed or giving him his bath because of the tantrums. I try not to let him see that it stresses me out and distracting him with toys doesnt work either. Has anyone else had this problem????

Parietal Tue 19-Jul-11 14:16:37

I think it is possible to change an active toddler by having the child stand facing you, then hold his head between your knees so he can't walk off and quickly deal with the bottom. The novelty of a standing change might help too.

BeeMyBaby Tue 19-Jul-11 14:22:11

I started to change DD standing up when she was 16 months and got tescos pullups for her (same price as normal huggies) as it meant that it fitted properly even when i was still pulling them up when she was wondering off - before that there started to be leekage. If its a dirty nappy rather than wet then I give her a book for a minute to clean her before she flips round.

Bouviergirl Tue 19-Jul-11 14:36:06

Hi weearchiesmum. We've had variations on this type of problem at one time or another, less so now dc is 3yo but sometimes he still isn't the slightest bit interested in getting dressed and will wander around doing anything but.

I wonder if your dc wants to be more involved and gain some independence, and this is his way of asserting himself? So you could try letting him slowly start to learn how to put a t-shirt on for instance? Or choosing which trousers he's going to wear today? Just injecting a bit more independence in for him. Or try turning it into a new challenge - ie. you can get a treat/reward if you can get dressed in 20 seconds flat...or just making something funny about getting dressed/having nappy changed. We've done various silly things, eg ditties we always sing at these times or holding up in the air after putting trousers on like they're a superhero flying and saying "superhero!!" - just stupid little habits that lighten it up and make you all laugh.

We did go through an awful stage of not wanting to get dressed though, mainly not wanting to put trousers on, which was a real pain, but dc was older than your dc about 2yo maybe. We had lots of show-downs as couldn't always guarantee we'd be able to leave the house, although I did have a few occasions of saying "fine, if you won't put your trousers on, go out in the snow like that then..." It was a really irritating period but did pass thankfully.

Sometimes with this though, i just think you have to be strict - forget the rewards, forget the distraction - and just go for putting your foot down and showing you mean business and that some things in your daily routine are non-negotiable, sometimes they get the message 'not to go there'!

RalphGnu Tue 19-Jul-11 20:24:54

I had the same problem not so long ago and after trying everything found the best thing to do was sing a funny song with funny facial expressions. DS was so busy watching my face he ignored the fact he was having his nappy changed and now he doesn't mind at all!

Twosugarsplease Thu 21-Jul-11 18:40:01

Hi...frustrating I know, I once read or watched baby whisperer and as I was having a problem with this I took interest, her advice was to place something baby would like or something fascinating with a bit of weight eg I used a monkey that was actually mine, it has beans inside that make it a little heavy. It did work when I sat it on his tummy, along with ralphgnu's tips, hopfully you will have stress free nappy changes. X

mamster Thu 21-Jul-11 22:55:55

Have you tried the pull up nappies? They don't hold as much wee as the normal ones but they are easier to put on and can be done standing up. Also, unless poo is involved just leave the wet nappy on. You'll be surprised how much they can hold. Forget about the changing mat. We do it standing, leaning against the sofa, on the bed, anywhere really. Quick as poss. I also put the tv on and let DS watch it.

Try getting his attention on something. Like a new song or a toy he hasn't seen for a while. Tell about something you will do after he's got a nmew nappy. Anything to distract him.

Regarding dressing after the bath, would it be so bad if he went to bed without pj's? or spent the day in them because he won't get changed? People may look at you funny but he'll be ok. My in-laws can't tell pj's from day clothes and frequently dress my DSs in pjs to go out in. No one says anything. Just get the nappy on and forget about the rest. Once you stop worrying about it I hope he just gets on with it.

To get mine dressed in the morning I give them a big shiny sticker if they get dressed without a fuss. I keep the stickers out of reach and they only get one if they dress quickly and on their own (they are older 2 & 5). Has to be a sticker they really want. They picked these shiny fish ones and I let them stick them on their drawers so they have a collection going. They love it. Don't use the stickers for anything else. Just this one thing.

There are lots of books about behaviour and lots of different things to try. Try something for a week. If it doesn't work try something else. Keep going. And even if nothing works he'll grow out of it and you'll have survived smile

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