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Delayed development thread?

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LadyLou30 Tue 19-Jul-11 11:52:28

Hi i'm new to mumsnet. I have a 1 year old old who has low muscle tone (or hypotonia) its quite rare and no cause has yet been found but its quite a lonely place and its very wait and see as to how he will develop. He will definately have some sort of development delay - already does, he doesn't crawl or pull up or get into different positions although he can sit very well. I was just wondering if there is a support thread for delayed development whether there is a reason or not?
Cheers ladies xx

BigBadBear Tue 19-Jul-11 12:01:50

Hi ladylou. I don't think there is a delayed development thread, but there may well be a thread for mums like you of children with low muscle tone - have you looked in children's health as well as behaviour and development, or postnatal clubs?

Sorry you are playing a waiting game. My DD2 has just been diagnosed with hypermobility and at nearly 18mo, we are starting to get a few comments and raised eyebrows about the fact that she isn't walking yet (especially as my DD1 was an early walker).

FWIW, I think he is still in the "normal range" even though he isn't crawling or pulling up yet. And not all babies crawl! The good news is that he is sitting well, so that is a good sign. I assume he is being seen by physio and possibly paeds?

shoots Tue 19-Jul-11 14:22:23

Hiya have you tried the sn board? Sounds drastic but I've found some threads about low muscle tone and hypermobility. My dd is 4 and has low tone and very hypermobile joints. Her physical milestones were all delayed because of the low tone. She still has problems trying to run as she's all knock kneed due to her joints and she looks really odd but other than that she walks fine, climbs and can jump like her peers.

Sorry you feel lonely with this cos I know it can be stressful worrying how things will turn out but sitting well is good. DD has physio which has been helpful.

JoinTheDots Tue 19-Jul-11 17:52:13

Oh another one with hypermobility here - DD is almost 11 months and we have been told she is unlikely to walk until about 2, not sure when she might crawl.

Currently she doesn't bear her own weight at all, hates tummy time and basically just likes to sit!

I hope she catches up to her peers by the time she is 4 as she is an August baby, so she will be only just 4 when she starts school...

I might have a look in the SN pages - see some of you there

LadyLou30 Tue 19-Jul-11 20:57:43

Thanks ladies - i think as I'm new to mumsnet its taking me a while to navigate round. I've found some really great if not a bit quiet threads but the info has been really useful. I'll have to ask the physio next time we see her if she thinks DS is hypermobile but i don't think so. I'm lucky i have a good team of peads, neurologist and geneticist and i've never yet had to fight for anything. He was diagnosed early (about the only thing i had to fight for) so i've never known 'normal' and always been a worried wreck sad My boy is amazing though and sometimes i forget to enjoy him with all the stress sad

BigBadBear Wed 20-Jul-11 16:07:49

ladylou it sounds as though you've got it covered. Well done and take time to see past the problems and enjoy him.

Good luck x

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