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11yr old moody boy

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Lulusi Mon 18-Jul-11 23:00:14

I'm having silent hell dealing with my 11yr old son whose moods are so volatile!! He's always been emotional, having tears that easily swell up his eyes whenever he gets upset. He's also very stubborn, messy and lazy. I make it a point never to shout at him but explain to him when he's gone wrong or why I'm upset with him. It doesn't matter the tone I use, if he doesn't have his way, or if he's been upset by someone else at school or whereever, or if he's woken up in a bad mood, he'll go on for hours not talking to me and being nasty (shouting/bullying) to his siblings!! I know his weight is one problem for him, and it seems he hates me mentioning anything to do with exercise and eating healthy. I'm at my wits end and dreading a troublesome teenager!! Any advice??? confused

madhattershouse Mon 18-Jul-11 23:03:02

No advice...waiting to hear good ideas. I have one of my own. sad

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