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Major bed time issues!!!!

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MeltdownMummy Mon 18-Jul-11 21:22:54

My 18 month old used to be great at going down but in the last three weeks he has started taking off his nappy and poo smearing and weeing in his cot. He wont go to sleep !!! Although he doesnt get upset he shouts a lot had jumps and thrashes around. Three weeks seems to be a long time and ive been consistant to his normal routine. Any ideas as to why this would suddenly happen????

prettyone Mon 18-Jul-11 22:11:09

If its a day time nap, he may have grown out of it?
Maybe the full nappy is stopping him from sleeping, hence the poo smearing.
Have you tried potty training? Or waiting until he fills his nappy, change him then put him down? Good luck.

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