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My 4 yr ds enjoys winding me up!!!

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clare40 Mon 18-Jul-11 18:07:00

I am totally exasperated by my ds. He spends all the time doing little naughty things, for example dinner tonight - consisted of him running into the kitchen trying to steal food while I'm trying to serve, throwing everything of the table before we sat down, burping after every mouthful of water, purposely eating so his food spills out of his mouth and on the floor. If I told him off about everything I would spend me day telling him off. Instead, I try to praise anything I can, time out for really naughty behaviour (hitting) and I make a real effort to give him attention.

I just don't understand when he has to play up a lot of the time. He is particularly bad with me (more so than when his dad is around). Any advice??? I am seriously considering some help, but I'm not sure where to get it from!

isitmidnightalready Mon 18-Jul-11 23:54:14

Good luck to you. Not had that kind of trouble myself - touch wood. Hope someone has some ideas.

Starxx Tue 19-Jul-11 13:36:43

Hi Clare smile

Do you show to DS that he is winding you up? What I mean is, when he throws stuff off the table do you say something and same when he is stealing food from the table?

My son is a bit like this and really knows how to push my buttons and I know we cant ignore this behaviour but when he knows he is getting to me he does it even more.

Does he have any consequences for his actions? Sometimes I will just not say a single word to my son, remove him from whatever he is doing and place him somewhere else for a bit (not on a time out) and eventually he gets the message.

I dont have any real advice for you Im afraid as I am in the same position myself really but all you can do is try as much as possible to stay consistant with how you handle it.

Star xx

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