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Using mobile phone apps

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dottydoo Sun 17-Jul-11 15:43:17

Does anyone bother with any of the mobile apps that are available? Just seen BabyWorld app on itunes to time feeding and sleeping and a monitor one that phones you when baby wakes up? What do you think?

sh77 Sun 17-Jul-11 18:50:07

The only one I use is the white noise one. Works like magic in the car and cot.

mad4mainecoons Sun 17-Jul-11 20:56:26

Ooooh i let DS (4) play angry birds on mine for peace and quiet or having a quiet pint at a country show i swore i never would but oh my it keeps him occupied blush

my midwife said she would ban all baby apps starting with the contration timer as they just heap on further stress!

Galena Sun 17-Jul-11 21:24:43

We've used a monitor one when we were away and it worked really well. DD woke once and sure enough it phoned and off we went and settled her. The only thing is, obviously you need 2 phones - one to leave in the room and one to be called.

Lexiejack Mon 18-Jul-11 11:42:36

Baby flashcards, read out loud stories we use quite a lot!! DS loves them and I'm
Sure he learns something from them, possibly!! Lol

Dappylittlemomma Mon 18-Jul-11 15:38:33

Soundtouch is brilliant.- different animal pictures & sounds to touch. Kept my 1&2 yr olds v entertained and us sane while cooped up traveling etc.

IamtheSnorkMaiden Mon 18-Jul-11 20:20:27

None of the baby ones, but my 5 year old daughter likes playing Cover Orange and Angry Birds and my son likes the phonics/alphabet puzzles.

muslimah28 Mon 18-Jul-11 21:49:46

Ds loves peek a boo

ewaczarlie Tue 19-Jul-11 10:57:50

we are app obssessed. Soundtouch like Dappylittlemomma says is brilliant and out 2yo loves it (has done since he was 1). We also have a shapesorter on the ipad that he really likes and is getting really good at. Some of the other games are a bit harder for him as his touch and drag coordination isnt up to apple technology lol but i get lots of the free ones to try as sometimes something really clicks. Recently got him If Youre Happy and You Know it and he really likes the animals doing the actions. Also have some Peppa Pig and Timmy Time episodes saved on the phone and ipad for travelling and its a god send. When ever we're on a plane its the only thing that keeps him entertained! the way i see it technology will be so inherently part of their lives as they grow might as well let them start early.

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