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help! DD has nits, missing out on a party that starts in 20 minutes

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marykat2004 Sat 16-Jul-11 14:41:29

My DD failed a routine nit inspection. So she is not going to a class party that is meant to start in 20 minutes. Do I tell the parents that DD is sick or do I tell the truth? Help, I need to say something, it's rude to just not turn up!


What? Just nit comb her hair to get rid of the live buggers, tie it back tightly and spray liberally with hair spray. Why does she have to miss the party?

marykat2004 Sat 16-Jul-11 14:46:56

She doesn't want to go after the nit combing torture. And she thinks the other children will have nits too.

DeWe Sat 16-Jul-11 15:02:44

Get the 10 minute stuff and do that. Turn up a little late and apologise, say you've been treating it. Make sure her hair is tied back.
The 10 minute stuff doesn't work brilliantly, but it'll work well enough for 2 hours. Use the proper stuff overnight.
I would tell the parents. If you can't get hold of them before, apologise on Monday (or when you see them) and hand the present over and they won't mind.
If your dd is old enough to be embarrassed by nits, then say she's not feeling too good. Otherwise I'd tell them. If it's a class party chances are another child has them too wink

Oh in that case I'd just text/ring and say she's not feeling well or slept badly. Seems a shame though, a nice party should be the thing to cheer her up after nit combing (and give you a break after having to do it! grin)

marykat2004 Sat 16-Jul-11 15:49:18

Well, in the end she went, but I had to put the chemicals in my hair so I didn't stay at the party myself, felt too yucky with chemicals. I had given DD a good hour's combing so all the big ones were gone. I will chemical treat her hair in about 3 days when the eggs hatch. And then do mine again. I have no one to inspect my hair so I just chemical treat it as a precaution whenever DD has any.

Nits are rife in her school. I think they are rife everywhere these days, even in private schools I have heard about epidemics.

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