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16mo terrible tantrums!

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BethanRebecca Fri 15-Jul-11 22:34:57

I know this topic is discussed a LOT, but i am at a complete loss at what to do, and i never know if i'm dealing with it the right way!

My 16mo DS tantrums in these last few weeks have got an awful lot worse! He's slamming his head on the floor repeatedly, screaming, hitting, biting, and all it takes is me saying "No" to start it off! If it's over something silly, i'll distract him, and then he's usually fine. But he'll do things like repeatedly open the fridge and take food out, and i'm not sure if he's doing it intentionally to be naughty.

If he's not doing it on purpose, i don't want to tell him off for nothing, but if he IS doing it on purpose, then don't i need to be letting him know that it's wrong, and should there be some consequence if he keeps repeatedly doing it?

He's also hitting, biting and shoving other children when we go to toddler groups etc. I am now hovering over him every time we go out, to make sure that he doesn't hurt anyone. Is there a better way of dealing with it!?

I'm really struggling, i know he's still a baby, so i don't want to be too hard with him! Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, very tired!

mumsiepie Sat 16-Jul-11 00:25:56

I think a lot of tantrums at this age are caused by frustration cos they cant communicate but that is no excuse he is still a baby tho as you say.

Do as you are doing and hover round him.......tell him "gently" if he goes to hit or push. It won't be long, I promise!

BlueberryPancake Sat 16-Jul-11 16:06:47

I have a friend who stopped saying no to her daughter who had tantrums... and it worked! She says 'ah ah' instead and shakes her head, and distracts her daughter immediatly.

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