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Toddler still walking with stuck-out tummy and curved back

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Kalypso Thu 14-Jul-11 08:43:05

My 17 month old, who started walking at 11 months, still walks with tummy thrust out, shoulders back (normally with arms waving in the air!) and lower back curved. He isn't running yet and is still pretty uncoordinated. At the playground, he's often so busy concentrating on all the things to see that he plops down on his bum every so often, or otherwise wobbles crazily for a couple of seconds until he rights himself.

Anybody else's toddler like this? It's almost like he started walking more recently - you'd never guess he'd been walking fo 6 months!

Octaviapink Thu 14-Jul-11 09:54:23

He'll probably walk like that for some considerable time - it's not really to do with how long he's been walking it's to do with musculo-skeletal development.

nokissymum Thu 14-Jul-11 09:58:06

Its difficult to tell without actually seeing him, but im guessing as his mum you have probably observed other children his age and their gait and must feel something isnt right.

I am also sure at his age he must be under the care of a health visitor. I think you should Contact your HV to come and observe him and give her opinion.

Good luck.

twinpapa Sat 31-Oct-15 02:19:05

Hello Kalypso,

Sorry for replying on a really old thread.

Just wanted to ask if your 17 month old grew out of it or was it something worth looking further into. Our 19 month is walking in exactly the same way (And has been walking for over 7 months) but not sure whether to wait for his next checkup or bring it up right away.


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