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7 month old with severe seperation anxiety!?!

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clairyliz88 Thu 14-Jul-11 08:23:49

Hi all, my lovely 7 month old is so clingy to me that when we're at home during the day whenever im out of his sight he screams constantly until he can see me again! i cant do anything at all, i have to wee with the door open and if im doing the washing up etc i have to take him into the kitchen with me. Ive tried leaving him to cry in the hope that hel soon realise that i always come back, but it is literally hysterical screaming. someone please help!! the housework is most definatly suffering, as is my state of mind! i do have a theory as to why this is happening (its been happening since he was 5 months) I work nights at a nursing home so he sees me leave three nights a week. he hasnt been overly cuddled and until a couple of months ago was very independant and sleeping all night. anyone got any ideas or suggestions? im at my wits end now!! thanks x

keepcalmandeatcake Thu 14-Jul-11 08:28:36

I'm not an expert but I think this is a phase they all go through to some extent. I really doubt it's connected to your work. My instinct would be to let him come around the house with you for now and he will grow out of it soon enough. I know it can make getting jobs done harder but go easy on yourself with the housework, especially if you're working nights too.

RitaMorgan Thu 14-Jul-11 08:29:24

He needs lots of cuddles and reassurance - leaving him to cry will make his anxiety worse. Do you have a sling? If you get one you can use to carry him on your back you can still get on with things. The more security you can give him now the more confidence he will have later.

milkyjo Thu 14-Jul-11 10:04:41

Hi I'm going through this too with my 7 month old and posted a thread. And yes its been going on since about 5 months too. The sling helps to get things done, I have a wrap and you can do housework whilst wearing your baby, although limited to sweeping/ hoovering/ mopping, its quite hard to reach to do the washing up if he's on your front, and getting up from bending down is hard with an extra 8kg! I got some good answers from people on here when I posted and leaving him to cry will not teach him that you will come back, from my experience anyway. 7 months is a frustrating age, my DS is only just learning to roll and sit up and wants to stand up all the time - someone told me that they are clingy because they want to be able to do all the things you can and by being held they can do these things. I know people say forget the housework, but if, like me, you actually get really stressed about it can you do it during naps, or your other half? How do you cope with sleeping in the day, does someone look after him or do you just stay up - I will be going back to work soon and I work 12 hour night shifts so I was wondering what others do?

clairyliz88 Thu 14-Jul-11 10:36:47

hiya, thanks for all the advice!! milkyjo, im glad its not just my little one! everyone who i talk to with babies the same age say how good theirs are which doesnt help me really! in answer to your question about sleeping, i sleep during his naps and then just get my OH to take over on my nights off so i can go to sleep at about 7pm! i too get really stressed about mess. i dont mind mess during the day if its play mess etc like toys, but i cant stand it when the washing ups piled high and theres loads of laundry to be done, so normally i do it when i get home from work. people may say if youre working and got a baby you shouldnt worry about housework but if im stressed it doesnt help anyone! he isnt sleeping during the nights either as i think he wakes up and get scared of being alone. any ideas how i can conquer this? x

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