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Have been chilled out so far but starting to stress now- daytime sleep/pram issue!

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cheekymonk Wed 13-Jul-11 21:32:43

Hi all. This is my 2nd child. DS is 6 and DD is 5 months. She is getting quite big now (18 pounds) and filling her pram (in carrycot traditional horizontal position) I have an obaby zezu pram that converts to pushchair.
She currently sleeps 10-7 at night and sleeps 8-8.45, 11-1 and 3-4 roughly every day. She always sleeps in pram for daytime sleeps. I want to convert pram to pushchair mode as she is filling pram and seems bored lying down if awake. However, she sleeps so well in it. I did try swapping between the 2 (not that easily done as there is a fitted cover for carrycot that covers the straps for pushchair so needs to be taken out for pushchair mode) but not ideal. I tried to get her to sleep in cot but thast was awful. Am not sure what to do and getting a bit stressed as I am getting comments about how she fills pram.
Also she has been shrieking alot lately which has made my ears really ache! i think its when she is tired but nursery nurse suggested it was boredom and I need to take her to more groups. We go to 1 a week so far but am planning to go to more. Sh emade me feel like dd is bored of me now and needs extra stimulation which is probably true but it wasn't said that tactfully. I have been chilled out so far but peoples bloody comments and opinions are starting to get me down! Any constructive thoughts? x

Lady1nTheRadiator Wed 13-Jul-11 21:40:10

shock that a nursery nurse said that to you - of course she is not bored of you shock

Won't she sleep in the pram once you convert it to the pushchair mode? My DS had all his naps either in the pram or on my lap. DD sleeps either in her pushchair (fully reclined) with a sheepskin liner to make it cosy, a lap if I have the time, or her cot - but I can't put her down awake. I sit with her in her room with it dark, with a lullaby on, and a dummy in, until she is asleep, then put her down - she is 8 months btw - could you try that?

Cies Wed 13-Jul-11 21:40:42

How much does the pushchair bit recline? That would be the clincher for me.

fwiw I bought a Maclaren xlr specifically because I wanted ds to nap in it, and it reclines flat so I had no qualms whatsoever about letting him nap there.

If your pushchair doesn't recline much, is there any way you could ebay it and buy a second hand fully reclining pushchair?

cheekymonk Wed 13-Jul-11 21:45:33

Thanks both. It does recline a fair bit and she did fall asleep in it when I converted it before. Its just when I am in the house and I usually put her in pram awake. I guess I could still do it with straps etc. Will think on! thanks xx

RitaMorgan Wed 13-Jul-11 21:51:49

I sometimes put ds in his pushchair awake and he falls asleep in it (if we're at someone else's house for example). Or could you try putting the carrycot in the cot, so your dd gets used to it?

MockingbirdsNotForSale Wed 13-Jul-11 22:14:47

Rubbish about the shrieking thing. My DD learnt to shriek at 5 months and did it all the time for maximum effect as she found it fun. Now at 9 months she loves shrieking at different pitches and waiting for me to try and mimic her.

Perhaps you could look for a bigger pram on Ebay that could sit at your home for her to sleep in in the day? She probably likes the knowledge that she can fall asleep when you're bustling about and that you'll be around whenever she wakes. I've just borrowed my mum's big old silvercross pram for exactly that purpose as DD won't nap in her room. Its huge.

FWIW babies don't really need playgroups at that age, they exist for the entertainment of mummies. After 6 months babies start to appreciate it more, but only for very very short periods of time.

cheekymonk Thu 14-Jul-11 07:50:02

Yes other mums said she was just finding/playing with her voice too! I looked at my pram in pushchair mode last night and it is very diagonal rather than horizontal in pushchair mode if you know what I mean? The carry cot is quite rigid and literally is pushed at an angle. The more you push it the more a seat position is made. I have seen the pushchairs where child is lying more flat. Dh will not be impressed at needing another pram/pushchair! Thanks ritamorgan, could try those ideas...
Interesting mockingbird about getting pram for her to sleep in. I did think about setting travel cot up permanently downstairs for her to sleep in, plus its somewhere safe to just 'put' her too (loo etc!)
I thought the same about playgroups. I think she may need to get out and out more but not necessarily groups thinking about it. Thank you x

LionsnTigersnBears Thu 14-Jul-11 08:41:10

What mockingbird said about the bored idea. Babies that age aren't capable of being bored , and especially not of you confused. Groups are for mummies who want a caffeinated beverage and a laugh. Sounds to me like the funky shrieky feeling is fun and thats why she's shouting. Hang in there, this too will pass!

naturalbaby Thu 14-Jul-11 09:27:04

my 5 month old shrieks as well - during growth spurts and when protesting about being woken up when he is still tired.
i know someone who's toddler had all their daytime naps in the pushchair till he was well over 12months, probably still does but i've lost touch with them. the pushchair had to be outside too so when there was snow on the ground it was out with the cosy toes on and the child was asleep in minutes. no problems overnight in the cot. babies are funny creatures!

cheekymonk Thu 14-Jul-11 15:40:54

I am beginning to think that we have really made a rod for our own bcks with this pram issue. Have converted pram to pushchair today and dd looks much more comfortable but the sleep has not been so good! She has fallen asleep in pram and this morning stayed asleep for another 40 mins once back in house but woke up as soon as home after school run. I do wonder if it is just not comfortable enough for her as I had to take out blanket she was lying on for harness. She is overtired now, bless her. Plus she has been shrieking nearly all day!!!

cheekymonk Thu 14-Jul-11 16:23:35


cheekymonk Thu 14-Jul-11 19:51:24


Andjacksmum Thu 14-Jul-11 20:13:49

Our 23mth son used to shriek all day long,our older kids couldn't get away fast included. Not responding does the trick and plenty attention and smiles when he stopped. Have you tried using the cot for nap times....I found the 'sleep easy in 7 days guide' a bible..and still turn to it for help. It is daunting transitioning from pram to cot but you will notice a happier baby (and mum) quicker than you think. Baby groups are great. Fun for baby and you, an opportunity each week or more to chat about your babies or toddlers, make friends that your children grow up with.

MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 14-Jul-11 22:07:51

You can get sheepskin pram/pushchair liners that have slots cut in them for the straps. They're very comfy and are insulating both summer and winter so keep the baby cool or warm accordingly. Mothercare definitely does them as does John Lewis.

cheekymonk Fri 15-Jul-11 12:57:37

Well it turns out I was doing the pram wrong! Got dh to look at it and he has adjusted it. Dd has now been sleeping in it much better. Still use blanket on top for comfort and she seems better. Maybe its been growth spurt this week as she seems much more settled (prob due to more sleep too) today. Thank you for your comments. Will tackle pram to cot transition soon if need be but ok for now fingers crossed! x

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