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1 year old still not sleeping through the night!

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MrsRich2008 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:54:15

my Son will be 1 on saturday and up until christmas and teething he slept through the night brilliantly. Since xmas he hasnt sad.

His pattern has altered alot and was getting up 3 or four times a night but lately that has improved but desperate to get him sleeping through. We have had to put my 13yr old son in with my 14 and 9 yr old girls to sleep as LO is keeping him awake and he has adhd PTSD and ODD so he needs his sleep.

the pattern the last 2 weeks is: 9oz cows milk at 7am when wakes, juice through the day when thirsty (about4 times) nap at 11.30 with 9oz cows milk wakes up at about 1-1.30 and then goes to bed with oz cows milk at 8pm IF he wakes up at 9.30 and has another bottle 9/10 times he will sleep til 7am, IF he misses that 9.30pm bottle he wakes up at between 2.30 and 4.40 for a bottle of juice. (until a week ago he has been having 2 naps a day of an hour each, now he tends to make it 1 2hr nap,)

i am contemplating withholding night time feeds and letting him cry himself back to sleep. Never had this with older 3 kids they all slept through by 12 weeks. Im sooo tired. hubby give me weekends off but still taking its toll on me.

ANy advice?

ps: he is on cows milk as its only milk he keeps down (he had severe Reflux) he is definately healthy and well fed he eats a huge varied diet has done since 3 months old and he is huge for his age (but not fat) he is developmentally ahead in a lot of ways and taking his first steps so no health concerns. I think he may just be a light sleeper sad xx

Di xx

schobe Wed 13-Jul-11 16:25:50

I know it's hard for you but I'm struggling with sympathy when you had 3 DCs who slept through from 12 weeks. I think your luck quota has been well used up!

Joking aside, couldn't you just wake him for the 9:30pm bottle particularly when you're feeling very tired yourself?

He's still very little. My DS woke every hour for at least 6 months, then 3 or 4 times a night until age 2. He's 3 now and ok but still not great. Some are just lighter sleepers as you say.

Kiwiinkits Thu 14-Jul-11 00:22:14

I think you're giving him a lot of juice. That's a tonne of sugar for a small baby and will be bad for his teeth. It could very well be giving him sugar highs/lows and affecting his sleep too. I would try cutting the juice waaaay back and give him water instead.

Kiwiinkits Thu 14-Jul-11 00:24:24

Witholding night feeds may also work (offer water in a bottle if he's desperate).

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 14-Jul-11 00:51:39

FAR too much juice, it should only be given with meals really.

Try a bit more milk alongside meals during the day. Would ditch the juice totally, offer water instead and if he won't have milk try yoghurts instead.

DS didnt' sleep through until 16mo. Until then he woke 3+ times a night, it could be worse grin


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