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Catching nits from your child!

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george11 Wed 13-Jul-11 14:16:19

I was just wondering if any mums out there had had a similar experience to mine. I recently discovered that I have caught nits from my 4 year old at the ripe old age of 42, having never had them, even as a child, myself. I actually discovered them on myself first as I had developed a rash at the back of my neck which I out down to an allergic reaction to a new shampoo! How green am I? Upon her return from nursery I bought some Full Marks lotion and set about treating us both. I was horrified to see that there were literally HUNDREDS of the vile things in both our hair which literally fell into the sink kamikze style. What amazed me is that she hadn't even been scratching, and I'm also very annoyed that the nursery hadn't informed me that there was an outbreak, which they have apparently 'always had problems with!' I have since blitzed the house and repeated the treatment a few days later to stop new eggs hatching and have also been combing through with coconut oil conditioner every other night (plus a few drops of tea tree oil in our regular shampoo) which seems to be working so far. As we obviously had quite a bad infestation, I would like to know how long it takes, bearing in mind I will be combing through with conditioner every other night for the next few weeks, roughly how long it will take to rid us of these hideous little sods? I will obviously be super vigilant now that I know what to look out for!

CamperFan Wed 13-Jul-11 18:52:42

They should have told you that there was an outbreak. I caught nits from DS1 when he was 3.5 and was mortified as I was having my hair highlighted the next day! But i got rid of them that night, just using the nitty gritty comb, which I used on both of us for about a week. DS had another outbreak about a week later but I was on top of it, and I didn't get them again. This was a year ago and we haven't had them again since! Good luck!

george11 Mon 18-Jul-11 18:40:53

Thanks, and yes I totally agree that the nursery should've said something. Two days until she breaks for summer holidays and I'm reluctant to send her back as I'm so bored of combing out with conditioner! Three clear combings now far!

EssentialFattyAcid Mon 18-Jul-11 18:49:39

Comb every 4 days with conditioner for 4 sessions in total. After Each 4 days when you comb the lice you catch will get progressively smaller - if you find a bigger one its a new one and you have to go back to session 1 again. If you follow this programme you can't pass them on as they need to be a certain size to move heads.

Average infestation is 10 lice so you have had yours a good while. They often don't itch at all.

This is a good website

Get yourself a decent comb and forget the chemicals.

BlueberryPancake Mon 18-Jul-11 21:44:07

errr Buy Hedrin Once! You do it once, and most of the lice/eggs are killed. You don't need to comb. Do it 7 days later, and again 7 days later. Three treatments in total. Most are killed at first treatment.

Once of my friends stock with the combing with conditioner method and her children had headlice for three months. I wouldn't have the patience to do this on my children every couple of nights for three months no way.

There are clearly two clans here, the chemical route and non chemical. The chemical product I used (Hedrin) doesn't smell bad, it's like a thick oily gel that sticks to the hair.

foxinsocks Mon 18-Jul-11 21:50:46

it's a nightmare

utter nightmare

I couldn't get my hair cut for ages because I just couldn't get rid of them in my own hair. For some reason, it's far harder to denit yourself and no other fucker would do it for me.

Your problem is other people giving them back to your dd while you are getting rid of them. You need to tie up her hair within an inch of its life so it doesn't hang free at all. Less chance of picking them up then.

I would denit every weekend for at least 4 weekends. It's your only chance.

foxinsocks Mon 18-Jul-11 21:54:20

and I would use hedrin/lyclear - it just removes the margin for error you have when not using them

EssentialFattyAcid Mon 18-Jul-11 21:56:00

Conditioner combing is cheap and easy and effective. combng Every 2 days is unecessary, you need to do it exactly every 4 days

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