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normal behaviour in 3half & 4 half

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slowlygoinginsane Wed 13-Jul-11 10:27:47

i have 2 ds that are 10 half months apart in age, they are very hands on whith each other constantly fighting whether it is play or real, i get caught up with whether 2 ignore it or seperate them, this is constant i cant take them anywhere as they just run about not listening nothing seems to influence there behaviour, ive done 2 parenting classes so im aware of not giving negative attention so try 2 ignore there hyperness, most my family have girls around my childrens ages & wheen i go 2 there ouses there kids arent running up the walls or bouncing of the furniture, im aware girls are very different, but is there behaviour normal?? or am i doing something wrong??? please help!!!

slowlygoinginsane Wed 13-Jul-11 10:28:55

by the way my kids are 3 half & 4 half..

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